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Jacqueline Paul--Alibi Intern

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Best Wasteful Use of Local Tax Dollars

The Tricentennial Towers. What I like to call “the most expensive way to say, ‘Hey, Burque is 300 years old.’” Who needs street repairs and sewer lines when we can have two shiny 65-foot towers?

Best Waitress

Helen at the Great Wall has a knack for knowing every regular's name. And if you order takeout long enough, she just might show up at your wedding toting awesome foreign gifts.

Best Live Theater/Performance Troupe

Tricklock! From Revolutions to the student-run Manoa Project, these guys have a foot in every good Albuquerque play or performance. Tricklock is a pathway for everyone, young or old, to get into the arts.

Best Dance Company

The New Mexico Ballet Company always has a great production brewing. NMBC productions bring in some very reputable dancers from all over the country. Their performances at the National Hispanic Cultural Center captivate when the junior company performs, and you get to see some younger dancers that could one day be as famous as Baryshnikov.

Best Florist

In Bloom. The lovely owners of this flower shop are willing to accommodate, no matter what. They will try to get any sort of flower you want, even if it's for something as small as a corsage.

Best All-You-Can-Eat

Isleta Casino's all-you-can-eat seafood buffet on Friday nights. For about 15 bucks, you can get an all-access pass to crab legs, shrimp, desserts galore and the best enchiladas I have ever tasted.

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