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healthy appetites
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Don’t tell us hangry isn’t a feeling.

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2016 Best Comfort Food

Sometimes life comes around and knocks you down, and you just need a little pick-me-up. So where can you find a better friend than food? No one can comfort you the way food can. It’s your go-to. The one thing that never lets you down, that accepts you at your worst. And our readers know that when these hard days happen, Ragin’ Shrimp is your shoulder to cry on. From various seafood options to pies and cakes, you can’t go wrong here when you’re in need of a friend after a hard day.

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2016 Best Buffet

There may be no clear winner, but there are clear contenders for the title Taj Mahal, Sandia Casino and, because apparently we have a lot of elderly voters this year, Furr’s. I will explain them thusly: 1) Taj Mahal easily has the best lunch buffet in town and some pretty righteous Indian food in general. 2) Sandia Casino is the best and only 24-hour buffet in town. There has been many a boozy night that winds down like this: "Man, I need to get something to eat, let’s go to Denny’s." "Look, I’m the sober one and I’m driving, plus I want to eat something good so we’re going to the casino." 3) Furr’s is on here because it’s the only thing some people can think when they see the word buffet. That’s how advertising works.

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2016 Best Greasy Spoon

Sometimes when you go out to eat, you just want to feel at home and want to spend a decent price on some delicious food. More often than not, it’s usually one or the other but at Murphy’s Mule Barn, our Alibi readers know that you can get both. You can’t go wrong with their old style country diner atmosphere where you can come in for breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave feeling satisfied.

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2016 Largest Portions

Unbuckle your belt or wear loose clothing when you walk into the doors of any Weck’s location for breakfast. The saying “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach” doesn’t apply when you sit down and scan the menu options because everything at Weck’s is going to leave you feeling full for the entire day. You still might not even have room when dinnertime comes around. Save your leftovers for when you’re ready to experience what food tastes like again.

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2016 Best Eating Challenge

Another category that didn’t really yield an obvious winner, but the two lead contenders are the 10-pound Fireman’s burrito at Cecilia’s Cafe and the 8-pound Travis on a Silver Platter at Grandma’s K & I Diner. As delicious as it is, it’s all we can do to get through a regular-sized Fireman’s burrito and about the most we would be able to handle is a quarter of a Travis.
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