Bobr: Meatless Wonders

Ty Bannerman
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(Don O’Brien)
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For your dose of fleshless food these restaurants are the best there is.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Why focus only on your stomach when you’ve got a whole body to worry about? Thanks to the holistic philosophy at Annapurna’s, you can do both with a homestyle vegetarian Indian meal prepared according to ancient Ayurvedic principles. Accompany it with a cup of Annapurna’s justly renowned chai and you can see why the Café takes this category year after year.

2) Thai Vegan

3) AM Spices of India

Best Vegan Food

Hey, guess what, the Thai restaurant with “vegan” in its name serves pretty great Thai vegan food! It may not exactly be a surprise, but it sure is delicious.

2) Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe

Best Vegetarian Chile

Pity the vegetarian lover of New Mexican food. Most places serving up the Food of Enchantment use all manner of meaty ingredients in their chile, from beef broth to lard to chunks of pork, leaving our vegetable worshipping friends out in the cold. Fortunately, places like El Patio de Albuquerque and Mannies Family Restaurant have heard the call and now make a vegetarian-friendly chile that’s just as good as any chile you can find. And our readers love them for it.

Best Vegan “Meat”

Not only is their undisguised vegan food awesome (see above), but if you’re one of the vegetable-inclined who every once in a while lusts for a piece of bacon, Thai Vegan can help you satisfy that craving without renouncing your ideals via their extensive line of faux meat.

Best Restaurant For Vegetarians And Carnivores To Coexist

Food is one of the great unifiers, so it only makes sense that we want to break bread with our pals no matter their dietary desires. But asking a vegetarian friend to meet you at the steakhouse or your carnivore buddy to accompany you to the salad bar might not work out to all parties’ satisfaction. How about a trip to Flying Star, where burgers share the menu with vegetarian Californian sandwiches and Buddha bowls come with your choice of tofu or chicken.

2) El Patio de Albuquerque/Vinaigrette/Orchid Thai Cuisine/Taaj Palace
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