Bobr: Rise And Dine

Hosho McCreesh
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Breakfast is the most important meal, so check out our readers’ opinions on the best foods to wake up to.

Best Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is the gold standard by which Albuquerque breakfast spots are judged. So it’s no surprise that this was a knock-down, drag-out cage match. When the dust settled, your favorite for 2015 was Garcia’s. And with eight locations citywide, you’re never far from their champion green and/or red smothered staple.

2) Frontier Restaurant/The Range Café

3) Barelas Coffee House/Cocina Azul/Mannies Restaurant/Weck’s

Best Breakfast Burritos

What could be better than a balanced breakfast with no dirty dishes? Burque loves it some breakfast burritos, and this year your BoB winner is, once again, Frontier/Golden Pride. These thick, generous beauties win voters over year after year, and rightly so. If you want to sit and eat, smothering yours with a steaming-hot ladle of chile is an official Albuquerque rite of passage.

2) Blake’s Lotaburger

3) Twisters

Best Pancakes

Light, fluffy and roughly the size of Rhode Island, Weck’s hoists this year’s BoB statuette for best pancakes. Any leftover buttermilk pancakes (and there will probably be leftovers) can double as a comforter to stave off the coming winter. Weck’s prides itself on diners leaving with full bellies … and, based on your votes, their heart’s content as well.

2) The Range Café

3) Frontier Restaurant/
Eli’s (formerly Sophia’s Place)

Best Waffles

No matter the variation, all your winning waffles were made by Tia B’s. And why not? Wheat, multigrain, blue corn, buckwheat, buttermilk—Tia B’s offers more combinations than you can shake a waffle iron at.

2) Frank’s Famous Chicken and Waffles

3) Nexus Brewery

Best Bacon

I don’t know about you, but any place that wins “best bacon” is a place I can’t wait to eat at again! Gold Street Caffé is that place and their thick-slabs of pork goodness are a meal unto themselves. Say, what’s the extra “f” in “caffé” for, you ask? Probably to describe how good their f-ing bacon is. Hey-oh!

2) The Range Café

3) Mannies Restaurant/Standard Diner

Best Eggs

Another tie! Last year’s juggernaut, The Egg & I, has to share the 2015 title with Weck’s. The Egg & I’s omelets and benedicts, and Weck’s “Full Belly” favorites win for best eggs, so let’s give them a standing “ovation.” The only problem with so many choices is narrowing the worthy field. But that sounds like a good problem to have, Burqueños.

2) Le Peep

3) The Range Café/Flying Star Cafe/Frontier Restaurant

Best Cuppacoffee

Joe. Java. Go juice. Heck, it’s even a euphemism for sex. Alibi readers start each and every day with it, and they get theirs at Satellite Coffee and Zendo ArtEspresso—your co-champs for best cup this year. Be it an espresso or an iced coffee served in a Mason jar, you should have no problem finding your perfect morning beverage. Rise and shine, it’s time to go get you some!

2) Humble Coffee Company

3) Michael Thomas Coffee/Espresso Fino

Best Brunch

When it comes to that slow, luxurious late weekend morning affair, brunch-ers the city over opt for the Grove Cafe & Market. If the well-executed menu isn’t reason enough, their commitment to sourcing foods from all over New Mexico is yet another reason why you should take your mom here for her next birthday and keep those dining dollars local.

2) Kasey’s/The Range Café/Scalo Northern Italian Grill

Best Biscuits And Gravy

Two great tastes that taste great together, and this year it’s the Range Café that stands above the rest when it comes to that down-home comfort favorite. The Range serves up seriously thick biscuits and a luscious sausage gravy that sticks to your ribs at two locations citywide, plus one out in Bernalillo. Bragging rights to be sure.

2) Weck’s

Best Chicken Fried Steak

Your winner for multiple categories, Range Café adds best chicken fried steak to their championship list. Tenderized, breaded and fried up like your grandma used to, this breakfast packs a serious punch. If you haven’t tried it with hot sauce, you now have the perfect excuse to go and do just that. You’ll be glad you did.

2) Mannies Restaurant/Murphy’s Mule Barn

3) Vic’s Daily Cafe

Best Hashbrowns/Home Fries

No breakfast feels complete without potatoes on the plate and Burque gets her potatoes at Frontier/Golden Pride. They’re fried up to the perfect balance of salty and soft, and are a great catch-all to whatever stray bits of breakfast remain. Or lunch. Or dinner. Hell, can’t someone pass a law requiring hash browns or home fries for every meal?

2) Weck’s

3) Loyola’s Family Restaurant/Perea’s

Best Breakfast For Dinner

Your favorite place to grab breakfast at dinner time is Frontier with the infamous breakfast burrito mentioned specifically in a majority of this year’s votes. It seems nighttime is an especially good time to grab one of these thick, starchy and filling wonders … wrapped, as ever, in your BoB 2015 favorite tortillas as well. Where I come from (here) we call that a win/win.

2) Mannies Restaurant/Range Café

Best Healthy Breakfast

The day will come (if it’s not here already) that the American diet will have to address our heavy addiction to animal protein for every meal. Once we do, we’ll discover the joys of lighter, healthier fare. And our first stop: Grove Café & Market. They support local farmers and breakfast is served all day, so a healthy breakfast is yours, no matter the hour.

2) Flying Star Cafe

3) Le Peep

Best Hangover Cure

What’s that? The best hangover cure happens to be Frontier/Golden Pride as well? Frontier/Golden Pride’s late-night dream of a menu, plus their ideal proximity from Nob Hill, UNM and Downtown, once again make them the vortex for all your drunken dining. Be it the burritos, green chile stew or the enchiladas, this is where you go the morning after.

Best Breakfast On The Cheap

So far this year, Frontier/Golden Pride have won late night breakfast, best hangover cure, and now breakfast on the cheap. What if it’s not a coincidence? Could it be that our voters all wasted their fun money on way too many drinks, and in the sober light of dawn need some serious bang for their bucks? Or maybe they just forgot their credit cards last night. Fear not: John Wayne’s saintly mug will stand a silent vigil over all Burque’s tired, huddled masses yearning to dine without going broke.

2) Taco Cabana/Twisters
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