Bobr: Take The Cake

Eric Castillo
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Last but certainly not least. Explore the final course in all its sweet decadence in these restaurants.

Best Desserts

It must be a full-time job keeping the glass displays clean at Flying Star considering all the drool that must drip from salivating mouths eyeing each and every pie and pastry under the case. Each season brings a new slate of favorites, like pumpkin pecan cheesecake ready to be sliced and served with a hot cup of coffee. Excuse me while I wipe my chin.

2) Cravin’ Cookies … and More!

3) Le Chantilly Pastry Shop

Best Chocolates

The Dude abides … and makes delicious chocolate in Nob Hill. From pretzels and graham crackers doused in your choice of white, dark or milk chocolate to an assortment of quality truffles, this is the place to pick up that box of chocolates when you forget an anniversary or if you want to gorge on chocolate-dipped strawberries while chilling with Netflix. Either way, you’re covered.

2) Chocolate Cartel

3) The Candy Lady

Best Doughnuts

From donuts topped with bacon to ones that evoke the flavors of French toast or Boston cream pie, the treats at Rebel Donut continue to please the masses. It doesn’t hurt that the “Breaking Bad”-inspired blue sky donut still holds its popularity after all these years.

2) Donut Mart

3) Duke City Donuts

Best Cupcakes

Can we admit that cupcakes are in every way superior to regular cakes? You still get all the fluffy cake and creamy frosting but you don’t have to slice it, cut it or in any way share it. It’s all yours to devour. Go ahead and lick the buttercream right off the top. Who’s going to judge you? Definitely not the bakers at Cake Fetish. With flavor names like Devil Made Me Do It, we’re sure they’ve witnessed folks going to town on a cake or two.

2) Smallcakes

3) ABC Cake Shop/Gold Rush Cupcakes

Best Cookies

Plain old milk and cookies won’t cut it at Rude Boy. Select one of their gourmet concoctions, like the salted caramel shortbread, get it heated up and pair it with an ice cold glass of milk … from the tap. Yeah, that’s right, Rude Boy pours their cow juice straight from the only milk bar in New Mexico. Do it up right and add a flavored syrup from Joliesse Chocolates.

2) Cravin’ Cookies … and More!

3) Flying Star Café/Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Best European Bakery

Sweet or savory but always European. That describes the menu of baked goods at either Swiss Alps Bakery on San Pedro or Le Chantilly in the Hoffmantown Shopping Center. Both places bake up a mean croissant and a plethora of pastries leaving readers split on this year’s winner.

2) Le Paris French Bakery

Best Frozen Desserts

You’ve probably spotted the Pop Fizz cart at the Rail Yards Market. Or maybe you’ve seen the truck at a festival at Civic Plaza. The bright pink and green paint jobs are hard to miss and you can always head down to the storefront operation at the National Hispanic Cultural Center for a selection of paletas that will please your palate. Go sweet and spicy with the mango chile or pineapple habañero or choose a creamy option like cafe con leche or pecan cajeta. For a real treat, indulge in one of the ice cream tacos.

2) Olo Yogurt Studio

3) Frost, A Gelato Shoppe

Best Milkshakes

Jukebox? Check. Blue plate specials? Check. Rich and thick milkshakes? Check and check. Sipping on a milkshake at the 66 Diner can make you feel like a kid again, especially if you’re childhood covered any part of the Truman administration. Regardless, it’s hard not to smile while chugging on a mud pie shake or paying homage to the King’s penchant for peanut butter and banana with the Elvis.

2) Model Pharmacy
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