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The First (And Possibly Last) Best Of Burque (Bob) Awards For Lifetime Achievement

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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We’ve rolled a plush red carpet out to the curb. The stars of Albuquerque are all dolled up in their finest designer dresses and suits. Anticipation is so high, if it stood up on tippy-toes it could brush its fingertips against the surface of Mars. Yes, fellow Albuquerqueans, it’s time for the unveiling of our Best of Burque Lifetime Achievement Awards, otherwise known as BoBs. These Albuquerque fixtures win the same categories every single year. In most cases, they deserve to win (the exception being the beloved Bart Prince residence’s long association with the Best Architectural Nightmare category). It’s time to pay extravagant homage to their success — with an imaginary, highly collectible gold statuette of a monkey box — and give someone else a shot at the top.

Felix, roll the video tribute …

Best Breakfast
Frontier Restaurant

Best Coffee
Flying Star Café

Best Candy
Candy Lady

Best Local Crackpot
Don Schrader

Best Venue in Which to Hear Live Music

Best Place to Play Pool

Best Public Sculpture
Chevy on a Stick

Best Cultural Bargain
Albuquerque Museum

Best Architectural Gem
KiMo Theatre

Best Architectural Nightmare
Bart Prince House

Best Live Performance Troupe

Best Place to Buy Music, DVDs, Videos, Etc.

Best Eclectic Gift Shop

Best Ethnic Supermarket
Talin Market

Best Tattoo Parlor
Star Tattoo and Body Piercing

Best Brewpub
Kelly’s Brew Pub

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