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The Alibi endorses all bonds in 2010. Here’s a quick rundown:

General Obligation Flood Control Bonds

The Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority wants $20 million for flood control and storm water quality projects, and to meet Environmental Protection Act standards.

Bernalillo County Bonds

Together would cost $25 million

Library Bonds

Would put $1,500,000 toward books and materials

Public Safety Bonds

Seeks $500,000 to construct and equip public safety buildings

Parks and Recreation Bonds

Asks for $2,300,000 for improving recreational facilities and outfitting them with new features

Health Facilities Bonds

Requests $2,300,000 to create a facility that houses public family health services

Road Bonds

Would put $12 million toward paving deteriorated roads in unincorporated parts of the county, cleaning up existing major traffic arteries, adding bike trails and improving landscaping

Storm Sewer and Wastewater Bonds

Seeks $6,400,000 to improve drains, inlets, drainage facilities, ponds, curbs and gutters around the county

State Bonds

Together would cost $175,540,244

Bond Question A: Senior citizen facilities

Would spend $7,790,320 on construction, improvements and equipment for 93 senior facilities in 27 counties

Bond Question B: Libraries

Seeks $7,082,100 for library projects, including $2 million for books and resources in the Cultural Affairs Department, $2 million for the Higher Education Department, and $2 million for the Public Education Department

Bond Question C: Public schools

Asks for $5,100,000 for pre-K classrooms, and books and materials for all grades. About $500,000 would go to purchasing school buses.

Bond Question D: Higher education and special schools

Requests $155,567,824 total, divided between the state’s universities and institutes, the New Mexico School for the Deaf, the Higher Education Department, and the Indian Affairs Department. The University of New Mexico would get money to renovate and construct buildings, including $12 million to demolish and reconstruct an outpatient services building at Carrie Tingley Hospital and $10 million for the construction of a chemistry building.
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