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There are six requests for local bond authorizations and three for state bond approvals. We support all of them and hope you will, too.

General Obligation Flood Control Bonds

Approval of this measure would allocate no more than $20 million to go toward repairs and improvements in flood control. The money would come from the Albuquerque Metropolitan Flood Control Authority’s general obligation bonds. Remember the torrents of rain this summer and subsequent damage to homes all over the city? Just say “yes.”

Bernalillo County General Obligation Bonds

County Library Books and Materials—
Allows the county to use up to $1 million to buy books and other materials for our libraries.

County Public Safety— Authorizes $3.7 million in GO bonds to design and build a sheriff, fire and emergency station in the East Mountains, as well as $600,000 to complete the remodeling of the Juvenile Detention Center’s living units, communication system, paving, lighting and perimeter fencing. The grand total comes to $4.3 million.

County Parks and Recreation Facilities— Would set aside $2.2 million to go toward renovating the Paradise Hills, Rio Grande, South Valley and Alameda pools, as well as designing and constructing a new gym at the Vista Grande Community Center that would be shared by the East Mountain Charter High School.

Facilities Construction and ADA Improvements— Would approve $1.1 million to go toward the complete renovation of the Hiland Theatre, a performing arts center in dire need of repair.

County Roads, Bike Paths and Trails— Asks for $9.4 million to construct and repair roads and trails around the county.

State General Obligation Bonds

Bond Question A: Senior Citizen Facility Improvements— Asks for money ($15,958,000, to be exact) to design, construct and equip senior citizen facilities throughout the state. Funding would go to 160 projects in 30 New Mexico counties.

Bond Question B: Higher Education Capital Improvements— Would appropriate $118,360,000 to go toward capital improvements such as construction and renovation in a number of New Mexico universities and centers for higher education.

Bond Question C: Public School, Higher Education and Public Libraries— Would grant $9,090,000 to purchase books, equipment and resources for libraries across the state.
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