Burque’s Hoods

Christie Chisholm
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BurqueÕs Hoods
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Albuquerque is, in many ways, a city of neighborhoods. Even though you can basically get anywhere you’re headed in 20 minutes, the scenery can change drastically from one place to the next. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of the lay of the land.

Barelas (1)

What You’ll Find: The coffeehouse where the politicos go, the National Hispanic Cultural Center

What You Won’t Find: Starbucks

Bernalillo (2)

What You’ll Find: The original Range Café, the Rail Runner

What You Won’t Find: A thriving nightlife

Corrales (3)

What You’ll Find: The village, horses, art boutiques and roasted green chile

What You Won’t Find: Speed limits above a crawl

Downtown (4)

What You’ll Find: Lofts, bars, live music, galleries, cops and the Alibi

What You Won’t Find: A grocery store

East Mountains (5)

What You’ll Find: The Crest, hiking trails and Tinkertown

What You Won’t Find: Blockbuster

Far Northeast Heights (6)

What You’ll Find: Gated communities, private schools, Trader Joe’s

What You Won’t Find: Affordable housing

International District (7)

What You’ll Find: Vietnamese food, the State Fair, hookers

What You Won’t Find: The kind of companion you’d take home to mother

Midtown (8)

What You’ll Find: Furniture and thrift stores

What You Won’t Find: A charming café

Nob Hill (9)

What You’ll Find: Local, quirky independent businesses

What You Won’t Find: Crosswalks

North Valley (10)

What You’ll Find:
Carnicerias , antiques, home cooking

What You Won’t Find: An after-hours scene

Northeast Heights (11)

What You’ll Find: Your parents, your dentist

What You Won’t Find: Bicyclists

Old Town (12)

What You’ll Find: Kitsch, the plaza, museums

What You Won’t Find: Chain stores

Rio Rancho (13)

What You’ll Find: Houses, houses, Santa Ana Star Center, balloons, houses, McMansions, houses

What You Won’t Find: Public transportation

Santa Fe (14)

What You’ll Find: Art galleries, fine food, tourists

What You Won’t Find: Anything open past 5 p.m.

South Valley (15)

What You’ll Find: Chickens, pastoral landscapes, cultural pride, mean dogs

What You Won’t Find: Sidewalks

University (16)

What You’ll Find: Cheap eats, The Frontier, slum lords, Peeping Toms, coffee shops, Don Schrader

What You Won’t Find: Wal-Mart, a good college bar (or college radio)

Uptown (17)

What You’ll Find: Large shopping centers

What You Won’t Find: Anything inside Winrock Mall

Westside (18)

What You’ll Find: Houses, houses, Cottonwood Mall, houses, strip malls, houses

What You Won’t Find: Trees, neighborhoods more than 10 years old
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