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Mark Lopez
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We here at the Alibi know that the art of gift giving is often last-minute, but it can still be profound nonetheless. We’re no strangers to that yuletide tradition that pits families, friends and foes in front of a decorated sapling that makes the electric bill shoot sky-high. But hey, it’s all in good fun, no?

So as we were compiling the various objets d’art, knickknacks and hot items for this year’s Gift Guide, we were also faced with the question of what we would want, should our readers decide to grace us with a nice surprise this Christmas. For your convenience, I asked members of the
Alibi staff to name one gift and one reason why they wanted said gift. Take note: A few of these items can’t be bought, but it’s always the thought that counts.

Editorial Department

Carl Petersen, Editor and Publisher

Gift: Captain America #166 from October 1973 “It shouldn’t cost more than $10 or so (it was 20¢ when I bought it in 1973).”

Samantha Anne Carrillo, Managing and Music Editor

Gift: A digital abyss tuner "I’m always gazing into that thing, and I need better reception."

Ty Bannerman, Food and Features Editor

Gift: Concertina lessons “I can’t find anyone in town who offers them, and I need to sing sea shanties.”

Lisa Barrow, Arts and Web Editor

Gift: Vacation baby! “As a full-fledged, property-owning, thoroughly stressed-out adult, I could really use a vacation.”

Devin D. O’Leary, Film Editor

Gift: Five days to watch all the DVDs still sitting by his player unwatched “Because I don’t have time to watch all the stuff I wanna watch.”

Mark Lopez, Copy and Calendars Editor aka yours truly

Bob Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes “’Cause I’m a nerd, and I don’t have it yet.”

Amelia Olson, Editorial Intern and Contributing Writer

Gift: For Cher to make a serious comeback “Well … that or a 1970s denim bell-bottom jumpsuit.”


Jesse Schulz, Art Director

Gift: Peace and quiet “Because get the fuck out of my office.”

Archie Archuleta, Production Manager

Gift: 1954 Chevy pickup truck “I prefer old, handmade solid vehicles.”

Tasha Lujan, Graphic Designer

For college loans to disappear “For my boyfriend and close friends. … It’s just sad to see how worried they are getting to see that $55,000 bill coming their way.”


Laura Liccardi, Account Executive

A silver ring from Tiffany & Co. “Because everything looks better in a little blue box with a white ribbon.”

Val Hollingsworth, Account Executive

: Any piece of jewelry from IMEC (International Metalsmith Exhibition Center) “They have the most unique, contemporary and artistic jewelry in town.”

Chelsea Kibbee, Account Executive

Plane ticket vouchers “I foresee some travels in my near future.”

Web and Tech Departments

Kyle Silfer, Systems Manager

Gift: A Mobile Action Command Mountain Rescue Center, mint in box “It was the hot paramilitary fantasy toy of 1976.”

John Millington, Web Monkey

Gift: A desk or table that magically remains clear “I want an uncluttered workspace at home that’s impossible for me to use as ‘temporary’ storage of whatever shit I need to put somewhere.”


Molly Lindsay, Controller

Gift: A sewing machine “So I can alter my own clothes. (I also want a miniature pig.)”

Courtney Foster, Accounts Receivable and Contributing Writer

Gift: A Hogwarts acceptance letter “For reasons that are apparent.”

Constance Moss, Receptionist and Contributing Writer

Gift: To go on a sea cruise “People don’t use their cell phones, so it’s a real vacation.”

Renée Chavez, Receptionist and Contributing Writer

Gift: A season pass to Wolf Creek in Pagosa “Hell, I just might move out there for the winter if I had one.”

Geoffrey Plant, Circulation Manager and Contributing Writer

Gift: A gift certificate to Charley’s 33’s and CDs “The clothes are really cool and fit my girlfriend, and the record store is staffed by knowledgeable and snarky record collectors.”

And those are our requests. Mind you, we don’t want you to break the bank trying to buy us these trinkets. We just want you to have a Merry Christmas or happy holidays … and secretly, to buy us these presents. Seriously, we want them.
Buy Us Presents!

Buy Us Presents!

Buy Us Presents!

Ty Bannerman

Buy Us Presents!

Kevin Dooley / CC BY 2.0

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