(June 21-July 22) Nurturing, Creative, Domestic

Christie Chisholm
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If you haven’t already figured it out, Cancerians like to take care of things. They also enjoy communing with Mother Nature. If you know a Cancer with a furry hiking buddy (a dog), this cool, practical gift is right on the nose. This clip-on water bottle snaps open into a water tray when Fifi needs a drink. A plus for eco-conscious Cancerians: it wastes less water than a bottle alone, and it’s much lighter and easier to carry than a bowl.

Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs, 10 For $10Ceramic Pot, $7.99Bag Of River Stones, $10.99

Give your Cancerian the gift of life with a set of easy-to-grow paperwhites. This indoor-blooming flower grows best during the winter months. With a long slender stalk and bright white, fragrant blooms, it’s a special treat for the gardener who may be pining for spring. Just fill a shallow pot halfway with river stones, barely cover them with water, place your bulbs root-end on top, and stabilize them with more stones.

Knitting Organizer, $65

There’s a good chance your Moon child likes to knit (if she does, you’ll know it). Buy her this. With a pleasing shape that comes in a variety of neat colors (avocado and pink, chocolate and light blue, camel and cranberry), this organizer has three locking rings down its spine that hold a number of removable sleeves (you can buy more for $7 each). She’ll put down her needles and clap her hands when you present her with it.

Give back to your favorite nurturer with what may be the most innovative “personal massager” on the market. The sleek, organic design features dual motors, each with six different power settings that can be set independently of each other. This cordless, rechargeable (through magnets!) beauty doesn’t have a specific place where you’re supposed to hold it—every contour is designed to deliver pleasurable pulsations. Plus, it’s water-resistant (perfect for the water sign you love) and completely phthalate-free with medical-grade silicone. Happy holidays, indeed.

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