Candidate Q&A: Michael Cadigan

Michael Cadigan

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Age: 42

Occupation: Commercial Litigation Attorney

Political Experience: City Councilor, 2001- present

District: 5

1) What’s your plan of action for three major issues in your district?

Build I-25/Paseo del Norte to alleviate east-west traffic.

Build Unser to alleviate north-south traffic.

Build more parks and playgrounds.

2) What’s your take on three major citywide issues?

I oppose the streetcar. I’d rather use the money to improve existing mass transit, especially Rapid Ride.

I support developer impact fees which require builders to shoulder a fair share of the cost of building roads.

I oppose many of the mayor’s wasteful spending projects, including the Balloon Park reflecting pond, making Tingley Beach a swimming pool and building a video park Downtown.

3) How can we balance city growth with sustainability?

Implement the Planned Growth Strategy. Require that builders and developers pay the real cost to the city that results from building new homes. Continue reduced impact fees for infill homes and for commercial building on the Westside.

4) What will you do to help residents in your district who are struggling with the economic downturn?

The City must do more to support small businesses. Make technical advice and lending assistance available through the Office of Economic Development. Work with APS to improve K-12 education so employers who want to locate here have confidence that their employees’ kids will have decent schools.

5) What’s your take on public transportation, and do you support modern rail?

I support expanding and improving Rapid Ride because it gets people from where they live to where they work. The modern streetcar will not accomplish this. Rapid Ride can provide more service at a tiny fraction of the cost and can be flexible.

6) What can be done to improve public safety?

Get the politics out of the Albuquerque Police Department and let professional qualified commanders make decisions. Increase the number of officers actually patrolling the community. Implement real community policing so officers know the neighborhoods and businesses they patrol.
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