Candidate Q&A: Michael Cook

Michael Cook

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Age: 52

Occupation: Certified Financial Planner

Political Experience: Chairman of the Albuquerque Police Oversight Committee, Vice-President of Candlemen Neighborhood Association, Secretary of District 7’s Coalition of Neighborhood Associations.

District: 7

1) What’s your plan of action for three major issues in your district?

• Increase police patrols to reduce home burglaries and auto theft.

• Work with neighborhood associations to increase awareness of and involvement in the issues that impact their local areas.

• Incentivize small business growth to produce local jobs

2) What’s your take on three major citywide issues?

• Public safety citywide—support expansion of police patrols as noted above.

• Better collaboration between the Council and the executive branch. Hold each other accountable without making it personal.

• Repair and maintain dated road and transportation infrastructure in older parts of the city.

3) How can we balance city growth with sustainability?

Adopt green initiatives passed by City Council and do so on a phased-in timetable to help people who want to invest adjust to the cost of sustainable growth targets.

4) What will you do to help residents in your district who are struggling with the economic downturn?

Increase awareness and delivery of available city and constituent resources, including economic and health information, as well as resources available for families with children and for senior citizens.

5) What’s your take on public transportation, and do you support modern rail?

Transportation circulators in the Uptown area will help citizen mobility in a very busy area of my district. If you mean Rail Runner services when you say modern rail, then, yes, I do support such a link. If you mean streetcars or trolleys, I do not support such an expenditure, particularly now during a time when we should be cutting public spending and not increasing spending or taxes.

6) What can be done to improve public safety?

Increase the number of police officers on the street. Uptown is ideal for neighborhood policing. We must also increase morale of first responders by prioritizing their needs in the budget. First responders should be first priority when it comes to budgetary goals.
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