(Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Sensible, Ambitious, Noble

Zak Schlegel
2 min read
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What could be more prestigious than jotting down thoughts in the same book van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway used? One-hundred-and-ninety-two lined pages of sleekly thread-bound paper, ready to be swathed with ingenious ideas and master inventions, await your Capricorn’s most intellectual thoughts. With the security of an elastic enclosure, this nifty gift provides just the right dimensions to slip effortlessly into the her pants’ pocket or a briefcase.

Half A Pound Of Assorted Specialty Chocolates, $10

Capricorn women loved to be loved. This indulgent goodie box is just the right way to do it. With the wide-ranging and contemporary assortment of goodies Liz at Enchantment Chocolates offers, there’s no wrong way to put together a delectable gift. Capricorns know what they like, and they’ll love this.

Suede Camp Moccasins By Minnetonka, $42.99

A product of the ancient Native American tribes, this is the coziest footwear around. Pictured in dusty brown suede, moccasins appeal to the Capricorn’s fondness for rustic memorabilia and still serve as a practical pedestrian treat. Saunter around the house or take a stroll to the nearest coffeehouse—these moccasins have durable rubber soles.

G9 Watch By Vestal, $175

With more than 20 different time zones, digital movement and a stainless steel face, band and buckle, this masculine watch captures the essence and intelligence of a globe-trotting Capricorn. Solid in build and water-resistant at 10 ATM (that of an average swim or snorkel), this is an ideal watch for those who like to work as hard as they play.

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