Cast Your Vote For The 2017 Best Of Burque Music Showcase Finalists

Who Is Best New Band? Best Band Of 2016? Best Band Of All Time?

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Cast your vote for the 2017 Best of Burque Music Showcase Finalists
Click here for the [url][/url]Best of Burque Music Ballot[xurl]
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The second round of voting is here. The finalists are on the ballot and the choice is yours to make. Round 2 voting ends February 20, 2017 at high noon. The winningest winners will receive a visit from the Alibi palace’s grand vizier and his staff who will proffer a magical Scroll of Invitation to the Best of Burque Music Showcase on March 11. Do not let your favorite band (or label or music studio or record store) down! You know they want that scroll! The ballot awaits. Let there be votes!
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