Chef'S Day Off

Gordon Schutte, Chef/Owner, Vivace

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Best Greek Restaurant

Hands-down, it’s Mykonos in Mountain Run [Shopping Center]. Their food is truly authentic and the atmosphere is just as good. It feels like the island after which it is named, serene and peaceful.

Best American Restaurant

No question that Jennifer James’ Graze wins this poll. She is one of the most creative chefs I know and takes great pain to see that her guests always have a high culinary experience at her restaurant.

Best Romantic Dinner Spot

Ambrozia wins this election. Chef Sam has done a great job of combining culinary adventure with a subtle ambiance that appeals to Carol and me when we have a night off. The space is cozy and quiet and allows for easy conversation and the privacy we seek.

Best Restaurant in Santa Fe

Julian's wins this for us, with the Santa Café a close second. Wayne Gustafson has created a Santa Fe version of authentic Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting. We’ve been there alone and with out-of-town guests and have never had anything but a great experience. As for Santa Café, it just seems to be the right place for us to lunch when we can get away for an afternoon.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Best Italian Restaurant

Dare I suggest that the only Italian restaurant in Albuquerque that does entirely authentic Italian food is Vivace? At the expense of boasting, we do make it a point to travel to Italy, all regions, on a regular basis for the specific purpose of confirming that we are doing what the Italians do and have done for centuries. I know of no other Italian restaurant in town that has so many of the same dishes that are being done in Italy. We entertain many native Italians who tell us that they are delighted to find restaurants such as ours.

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