Chef'S Day Off

Pat Keene, Chef/Owner, Artichoke Café

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Best Barbecue

When we’re in the mood for barbecue, I usually stop at Rudy’s on Carlisle and pick up their baby back ribs and lean brisket. They’re delicious. I serve them for dinner at home with my own macaroni and cheese or beans and a salad. Sometimes I pick up macaroni salad, coleslaw or potato salad at the Whole Foods takeout counter to go with the barbecue. They make their takeout food from all fresh ingredients and it's expertly done, so there’s no guilt in serving it to your family!

Best Breakfast

For breakfast, I love to go to Frontier. I love their huevos rancheros, fresh tortillas and red chile. I also pick up their carne adovada to go and make burritos for dinner with it. Their fresh orange juice is also the best. I won’t go to breakfast anywhere that doesn’t serve fresh orange juice.

Best Pizza

My 17-year-old son loves pizza, so when he wants to order pizza in we get it from Venezia’s. It’s the first pizza in Albuquerque that compares to anything I ate growing up in New Jersey, and their delivery is quick and efficient.

Best Restaurant in Santa Fe

There are lots of restaurants I like in Santa Fe. The Compound is a favorite because I’ve been going there since the '70s and I love what the new owners have done with it. We also love the Plaza Restaurant for lunch. Their Frito pie is the best. Their New Mexican food (enchiladas) is also the best.

Best Restaurant in Taos

In Taos, I love Doc Martin’s. It has great food and service with the feeling of old Taos.

Shameless Self-Promotion (Sort of): Best Fine Dining

My favorite fine dining restaurants in Albuquerque are any of our fellow Albuquerque Originals like Seasons, Scalo, Zinc, Prairie Star, Cafe Miche. They’re all restaurants dedicated to the art of good food, wine and service and that can’t be beat.

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