Chef'S Day Off

Rob Wells, Executive Chef, Scalo

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Best Atmosphere

I haven’t been there in a long time, but the best quiet little spot for a romantic dinner in Albuquerque, in my mind, would be Le Crepe Michel in Old Town. You feel like you’re in a different world sitting on the patio.

Best Bar Food

A friend and I stopped at Gulp on a whim, and had a couple (too many) drinks and ate a really great trout gratin, and a couple of buffalo brats on Rainbo buns that were awesome.

Best Barbecue

I have a weak spot for Rudy’s. I love a place where you can order a brisket by the pound and have it sliced in front of you.

Best Sunday Brunch

I don’t eat brunch very often, but when we have visitors in town, we always go to the Range on Wyoming. The food and service are good, and it’s just a really relaxing and fun place to hang out on a Sunday.

Shameless Self-Promotion (Sort of): Best Restaurant in Taos

We were in Taos for a long weekend this summer and ate at Joseph’s Table. I was really impressed with the care and attention of the servers, and the menu was exactly the type of menu that we are trying to develop here at Scalo—using locally grown, organic ingredients in a non-pretentious way, and taking care to serve food that’s truly good for you to eat.

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