Chef'S Day Off

Tony Nethery, Chef/Partner, Relish Cheese Market & Sandwich Shop

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Best Home Cookin'

To be honest, I prefer to stay at home and cook (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It’s my way of researching and developing and also making sure the family eats well.

Best Barbecue

My favorite is Robb’s Ribbs. Good clean food, friendly atmosphere, good wine and beer … Rob has an amazing smoker and kitchen facility; everyone should eat there.

Best Dessert and Best Use of Chocolate

These have to go to Ted Niceley (currently at Zinc). I’ve worked with Ted for a few years now and plan to work more with him in the future—he is a good friend and an outstanding pastry chef. He is creative, thoughtful and studies; keeps up with the times. I really enjoy Ted’s ideas.

Best Restaurant in Taos

Joseph’s Table. Joseph Wrede is a wonderful chef and always keeps his food clean and local. He uses outstanding combinations of flavors, great technique … you can't go wrong. Nice wine list, also.

Best Restaurant in Albuquerque

This one is really tough 'cause I like to cook at home so much … I would definitely give props to Sam Etheridge and Ambrozia. Sam does wonderful work, he is a great chef and teacher. … I would also give props to Jennifer James and Graze, I really like the concept of Graze, the small plates and kind of sharing thing.

Best Breakfast Burrito

Frontier. Green chile, eggs, cheese, flour tortilla, I like bacon in mine.

Best Hamburger

Big fan of Blake's Lotaburger. I go for the Lotaburger with green chile, cheese and bacon.

Best Huevos Rancheros

Duran's Central Pharmacy is my personal favorite. Just go down and try it someday.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Best Chefs

Hmmmmm … guess I can't say me or my business partner Johnny Orr (tee hee!), so I will have to vote for Sam Etheridge and Jennifer James.

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