Chef'S Day Off

Wayne Leach, Executive Chef, Le Café Miche

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Best Huevos Rancheros

Perea’s. They kind of have the “build your own” philosophy. Your choice of corn or flour, hash browns or beans, red or green. Just the best in town and faster than McDonalds!

Best Pizza

Giovanni’s. Good, basic, East Coast-style pizza. Fold a slice in half and see what I’m talking about.

Best Thai

Orchid Thai. Each dish is made with the freshest ingredients—perfect curries and the best green papaya salad in town (maybe the only green papaya salad in town).

Best Deli

Tully’s. Great meats and cheeses. You can find hard-to-find Italian products and also some store-made frozen lasagnas, chicken piccata and pasta sauces. The sandwiches are so huge it takes three sittings just to finish one!

Best Service

India Palace. Your cup of chai is refilled before you can even get it back to the saucer.

Best Indian

Bombay Grill, on the Westside. Really nice interior and atmosphere, and the food is what good Indian food should be–spicy.

Best Restaurant to take Out-of-Towners

El Pinto for real New Mexican food and atmosphere.

Shameless Self-Promotion: None

Food Editor's Note: We tried to get him to brag about all the great stuff he does at Le Café Miche, but Chef Wayne is humble pie.

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