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Sensa Meridian Fountain Pen, Champagne And Gold, Fine, $95 J. Herbin Ink, Tea, $10.75

Christie Chisholm
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There’s nothing sexier than a good pen (at least to a writer). Sure, $95 seems like a lot of money to spend on such an item, but it’ll last forever, improve your handwriting and … damn, it just feels so good. This particular pen has been luring me in for weeks — forcing me to drop in unexpectedly to admire it, feel for my wallet, then hesitantly turn away. I did chose one of the priciest pens at the store (most are well-under $100), but who cares? — I deserve it! Of course, Papers! is the kind of place I’d be happy to get anything from. If the pen’s too burdensome on your checkbook, you could also buy me a Moleskine notebook or a nice set of stationary, which would be more than satisfactory. And don’t forget to pick me up a nice card while you’re there — that way I’ll know where to send my thank-you note.

Custom Corset, $375

Seventh Goddess is the kind of lingerie boutique this city's been waiting for—thank the gods of panties and tasteful sex toys it's finally here. I happened to fall in love with what may be the priciest item in the store (this is my wish list, after all), but there's plenty to choose from here that won't strain the wallet quite so much and that would make any girl blush with anticipation. From elegant undergarments to cuddly pj's to scintillating playthings, this is the one-stop-shop for anything and everything women (and some daring men) wear under their clothes. The corset I chose is custom-made, and while they do carry three sizes in the store, it can be arranged for the creator of the beauteous thing to tailor one specifically for you (er, me), with your (my) choice of style, fabric, front closure and decorative attachments. I left my dimensions with the manager. And I like pink.

The Complete New Yorker, $100

Oh, the New Yorker, how I love thee. Oh, independent bookstores, how I love thee even more. In today's rapidly growing culture of corporate bookstores popping up in every mall and on every street corner, we've got to fight to keep quality local places alive. Bookworks is the kind of store you just know is local—in a very good way. The staff is friendly and well-informed (it took less than 10 seconds for me to be directed to a couple of my favorite authors), the atmosphere is pure ink-and-page and nearly every possible surface or crevice of the store has a book wedged in it, yet it still manages to be easily navigable. Right now The Complete New Yorker is at the top of my literary wish list. With eight DVDs containing every page of every issue that's come out since the magazine's inception 80 years ago, this book is worth its weight in gold pens. It also comes with a book of “highlights” from over the last eight decades. Please buy me this book. It will make me so happy.

Chocolate Truffles, Box Of 35, $36

If there's one thing you can give me this holiday season that will bring an instant smile to my otherwise crotchety demeanor, it's a big box of chocolates, Forrest Gump-style. I'm particularly fond of truffles. And I'm even fonder of local chocolate makers Theobroma, who really know how to do the whole “meltingly delicious” thing. Being the glutton I am, I'm asking Santa for the biggest box of truffles they've got. But if you're penny-pinching, I might also accept a tasteful arrangement of a couple hand-selected confections. And I might still give you a big chocolatey kiss.

Linenfold 11” X 22” Microsuede Throw Pillow, Tangerine, $50

I'm a nester. Therefore, I like things that help me nest, like throw pillows. Especially throw pillows named after something you want to eat, like cocoa, mint, blackberry or tangerine. This year I'm feeling citrusy. I'm curiously drawn to this little doozie, which is shaped kind of like a wiener dog and feels just as cuddly. Hey Jhonny Home is the kind of place that makes you want to take up yoga—the furniture just feels centered, like the kind of stuff you should surround yourself with on the path to enlightenment. Here's a piece of enlightenment for you: Give of yourself and buy me this pillow. Thanks.

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