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Taylor Hale
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Community Pick
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How did the idea of Frost Hill Organics come about?

Well, I was working at Los Poblanos last year over the winter, and one of my friends inherited land from his dad. He knew I was looking for a farm so he let me use his land for farming.

Where do you sell your harvest?

Most of the food I move through my CSA program—community supported agriculture. I also sell in Cedar Crest, Edgewood and Los Ranchos farmers market.

Are you finding a greater demand for organic foods than in the past?

You know, I have only had two years of looking at it from a farmer’s perspective, but I can see the demand has increased. People in stores have begun to ask me about organics, and it is becoming more popular.

What is your favorite crop to grow?

Right now I would probably have to say winter squash.

To eat?

I think there about four of them: melons, winter squash, onions and peppers.

Why should people buy local food?

That’s pretty high on the importance list, if not the highest. It’s all about helping the businesses and keeping the money local. Local businesses just tend to do a better job and have better products. It’s also better for the environment.

What about organic food?

The environment sustains people, so we have to sustain it. So, not putting out pesticides and herbicides overall keeps the environment we live in healthy and, in turn, it keeps us healthy.
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