Community Pick: Sierra Cherniak, Student

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Taylor Hale
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How’s the dining hall food at UNM?

Disgusting, bland, ridiculously unhealthy, and poor choices. The food is not fresh and they have limited varieties.

What’s the diet of a typical university student?

I feel like it’s pretty varied. If you eat healthy, you eat the right portions and know how to maintain healthy eating habits. If you don’t know how to eat well, you just eat whatever you’re given, so you eat the fatty food and large portions.

How often do you cook your own meals?

Three to four times a week, but I make enough to last me a few days.

What do you eat most often?

Whole wheat pasta, a lot of bread, as well as dairy.

What’s your absolute favorite food?

Mole and latkes!

What do you eat to lift your spirits?

Garlic chicken pizza that my dad makes.

What’s one ingredient that livens up any dish?

Garlic, no doubt.

What do you look for when picking a restaurant?

I look for things that I can’t make by myself, because then it’s like a special treat. And I’m pretty broke. I mean, I am a college student. I usually look for cheaper places, but I would spend at most $20 for an entrée.

Where’s your favorite restaurant in the University Area?

Olympia Café.

What’s the best new restaurant in town?

Saffron Café. They serve delicious food.

Who has best hash browns?

Weck’s and the Frontier are both really good.

Who serves the best enchiladas?


Anything you won’t eat?

Hamburger Helper. I refuse to eat anything that looks that disgusting.
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