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Jessica Helen Lopez, Albuquerque Poet Laureate

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Community Picks
Jessica Helen Lopez
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Best Place to Write and Perform Poetry

I absolutely
love Winning Coffee Co. for their red chile smothered breakfast burritos. It’s a great place to write poetry (people watching is very inspirational), buy a book or two from Bradley’s Books (a mobile loooong-time bookstore run by the ever intelligent Bradley) and catch a poetry reading. We host two slams at Winning per month. One is called MAS Lobo Poetry Slam and the other is Final Friday.

Bobr: Community Pick: Will Bolt, Local Comic Will Bolt, Local Comic

Will Bolt Chris Homandberg

Best Vietnamese Restaurant

My pick for best restaurant in ABQ goes to
Saigon Far East. Hands down some of the best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had. Coming from a Caucasian man who has only ever been to Japan, let me tell you: That’s high praise. In addition to the great food, the waitstaff features one incredibly friendly, hilarious, happy and helpful woman. Were I to rate my experience eating there, I’d give it 5 out of 5 units of measurement.

Bobr: Community Pick: Drew Wayne, Local Comic Drew Wayne, Local Comic

Drew Wayne Bruce Wong

Best Place to Avoid Green Chile

My favorite restaurant is
Orchid Thai Cuisine. I’m sure it’s sacrilegious to not pick a green chile spot, but 90 percent of my diet is green chile fueled (burritos, burgers, all of my cheese, and in the fall it’s even in the air). To me nothing beats Thai curry done right! I love Orchid’s sweet basil, mango sherbet and the waiters that ask, “how hot do you want it?” I always say “The most spicy,” and then a grown man cries through his supper. Plus, this was always my first-date-go-to, because even if the date flopped, I still had some outstanding Orchid.

Bobr: Community Pick: Aj Woods, Musician Aj Woods, Musician

AJ Woods Johnny Gomez

Best Place to Spend Your Otherwise “Philanthropic” Dollar

Down on your luck and on your dollars? Don’t waste your appetite and your wallet on pretentious marketing schemes and gimmicks. Rather than donating your bag credit to Whole Foods, nourish a family of four for a month by dining in or taking out at
Lucky Boy. If the sound of bargain Chinese food doesn’t ring true to your palate, diversify with a green chile burger that makes Blake’s look like child’s play.

Bobr: Community Pick: Tahnee Udero, Dj And Musician Tahnee Udero, Dj And Musician

Tahnee Udero

Best Place to Get Your Lunch On

I take practically all my friends and family to
Cheese & Coffee when we want to catch up and grab a bite. It’s my go-to lunch date spot. They have an amazing menu of sandwiches, salads and soups that can please anyone. The Chelsea is a staple in my diet, and their creamy green chile chicken soup is the best I’ve had other than my own. But I must confess I was actually trying to copy their recipe when I came up with mine. They have long been located in Uptown, and now they have a spot near Old Town too, which makes it even easier to stop by for lunch and good conversation with your favorite people.

Will Bolt

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