Corrales Road Near The Center Of The Village

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Stevie’s Happy Bikes (Tina Larkin)
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On the higher end of used clothes, Karleen’s collection of recycled fashions is fairly select and not built with fly-by-night teen or college trends in mind. Quality, timeless fashions live in the racks of this tiny shop. With women’s clothes only, gift your favorite fashion queen with jewelry, a hat, a vintage purse or campy poofed slippers. The friendly, eager staff will gladly assist you in choosing the right one-of-a-kind item.

Stevie's Happy Bikes

Stevie’s Happy Bikes Tina Larkin
The innards of Stevie’s Happy Bikes Tina Larkin
Character and a love of bikes power this relatively new shop, which is crammed with gems fixed up by owner Steve Kuenzler (prices start at $35 for child bikes and $55 for adult bikes). The shop also carries brand-new Redline, Batavus, Lapierre and Torker brands, along with parts and accessories. The bicycle repair menu boasts specials such as "Sopapillas w/ Honey"—that’s thorn-resistant tubes installed with liners and slime for $12.95 per wheel.

Ambiente Corrales

This shop is crammed corner to corner with Mexican and New Mexican tchotchkes. Flattened tin art, Virgen de Guadalup e notebooks and couch pillows, and Dia de los Muertos figurines and nichos are nestled among lamps and mirrors, ornamental crosses, candles, and other locally tinged housewares. Some items are only for friends who appreciate the funkier things in life, but there’s plenty (painted serving platters, for instance) for plainer tastes.

Corrales Bosque Gallery

The word "gallery" might send frugal gift-buyers scurrying, but this co-op is artist-owned and offers plenty in a reasonable price range. An old bicycle propped up in the window displays artist-made ornaments ranging from a few bucks to around $10. Beautiful reproductions of artwork will only set you back $30. There’s also original jewelry and menorahs made of precious stones and unusual materials (glass and wire, stoneware and porcelain).

Amigos Tack & Gift Shop

Buying a gift for the equine obsessed? Horse hats, horse scarves, horse shirts and horse socks stock the shelves of this five-year-old Corrales staple. And you can forget all about Barbie’s princess palace: Buy your kid a traditional barn or tiny horse ranch. Inexpensive painted ponies in the $25 to $35 range will fit the bill for your adult horse fanatic, along with hand-polished horsehair ceramic pottery.

The innards of Stevie’s Happy Bikes

Tina Larkin

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