County Commission

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County Commission
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Salary : $29,569 • Term : Four years • Tasks : Responsible for the county budget (about $212 million this fiscal year), lawmaking, business regulation and zoning in unincorporated areas • District : The West Mesa and the North Valley



Kubiak is a nice enough guy, but he contradicts himself. For instance, as an attorney he defends those accused of DWI yet turns around and says as a county commissioner he would like to see tougher penalties for offenders. He wants to reduce taxes and impact fees but increase services and infrastructure. It almost seems that he’s torn between the Republican party line and his own opinions. He’s held positions with the state’s GOP. It is hard to believe him when he says he will not rubber stamp its agenda. O’Malley is the best candidate for the job. Because of her time on the City Council, she is well-versed on the issues of both sides of the river. She knows how local politics work and how to negotiate as part of a policymaking team. She is conscientious, respected by her colleagues and has the historical knowledge of this district. O’Malley gets a hearty endorsement from the Alibi .

Debbie O’Malley

Simon Kubiak

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