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Thanks for logging on to Crawlspace — the next frontier in Alibi Crawl technology. Crawlspace is a two-dimensional, fiber-based interactive community of Fall Crawl 2005’s live musical acts. When used in tandem with our 2005 Fall Crawl schedule of bands, Crawlspace can assist Alibi subscribers of all musical persuasions in designing their own unique, completely customizable Crawl experience. Here’s how:

Buy your tickets — the earlier, the better. Wristbands are available in advance for $10 at all TicketMaster outlets, Natural Sound in Nob Hill (255-8295), the Alibi offices (413 Central NW) and online here. If you’re a masochist, day-of-show wristbands cost $15 and will be available at the Alibi Info Booth, Sunshine Theater, Fifth Street Outdoor Stage and El Rey Theater on the night of the Crawl. But be smart and buy early. Once you’re squared away on admission, scan the schedule of bands to see who’s playing andwhere during each time slot.

Now, scroll through the alphabetical listing of Crawlspace band profiles below, and see which appeals to you most. Listings are made up of general information about each band, including a cluster of music genres, the group’s website address (if any), influences (if any), what they sound like and/or what the bands have to say about themselves.

You’re almost done! Next, check our pullout locator map for the locations of participating venues, police and fire department command posts, Emergency Medical Services, the First Aid Station, the Info Booth, Downtown Shuttle stand, parking and bathrooms. We’ll be glad to answer any additional questions you might have at our Info Booth.

And just a few last things: Please be respectful of your fellow Crawlers, drink responsibly and do not, under any circumstances, drive drunk. Don’t allow anyone you know to drive drunk, either. If you’re too tipsy to drive, check in to one of the many reasonably-priced hotels that Downtown has to offer, call a cab or take a $5 Downtown Shuttle (service is limited to a 15-mile radius) between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 3 a.m. All three are especially fun when you’re wasted. Some taxi numbers are — Albuquerque Cab: 883-4888, Checker Cab: 243-7777, Yellow Cab: 247-8888, Giant Cab: 293-4222.

Oh yeah, and have fun!

Crawlspace: It’s portable. It’s interactive. It’s 30 percent more absorbent than other Fall Crawl databases.


Agency E
Genre: Rock/Hip-hop/Experimental
Influences: Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Saul Williams
Sounds like: Heavy, hard-hitting drums and guitar with smart emceeing

25 South
Genre: Rock/Eclectic
Influences: The Dave Matthews Band, U2, The Roots
Sounds Like: Groove-heavy bass, drum and guitar overlaid with tag-team vocals and emceeing

Alex Maryol Band
Genre: Southwestern/Blues/Rock
Influences: Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Johnny Rivers, The Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, R.L. Burnside, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Corey Harris, Kenny Brown, Cedric Burnside

Bella Luna
Genre: Acoustic/Folk/Rock
Influences: The moon, pints of Guinness
Sounds Like: A talented and charming acoustic folk-rock duo

Black Maria
Genre: Rock/Rock/Rock
Sounds Like: A good time
The Band says: “If you like your women fast, your booze strong and your drugs potent, then you need to hang with these cats.”

Boris McCutcheon
Genre: Americana/Roots Rock/Singer/Songwirter
Influences: Massachusetts, Vermont, New Mexico, Northern California and most recently Arizona
Sounds Like: Sharing an out-West campfire with a long-lost lover

Brave New World
Genre: Progressive/Rock/Metal/Funk
Influences: In Living Color, Fishbone
Sounds Like: High-energy, heavy riffs with deep grooves

Breaker 1-9
Genre: Country/Pop/Rock
Influences: The open road
Sounds Like: 18 wheels of cranked-up trucker rock

Cole Raison
Genre: Acoustic/Folk/Rock
Influences: It really ain’t a Crawl without Cole’s unmistakable influence
Sounds Like: Vivid songwriting with just a touch of funk

Concepto Tambor
Genre: Other/Latin/Afro-beat
Sounds Like: “The music of Afro-Latino percussion ensemble Concepto Tambor carries the spirit of collectivity and celebration, melding traditional rhythms like sambas, guaguancos and festejos with contemporary sounds like hip-hop — all with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude.”

Genre: Rub-a-dub/Reggae/Rock
Influences: Sublime, Operation Ivy, Ozomatli, Long Beach Dub AllStars, Black Star, The Roots, Gregory Isaacs, Buju Banton, Dirty Dozen Brass Band
The Band Says: “Our music is centered around up-tempo rocksteady beats, big bass and vocal harmony, with a big emphasis on horns.”

Caustic Lye
Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Post Hardcore
The Band Says: “Should The Refused and Slayer have a bastard child baptized by Black Sabbath and Candiria … we would be this child’s bipolar Siamese twin!’

The Cherry Tempo
Genre: Indie/Rock/Alternative
The Band Says: “The Cherry Tempo was born of good intent that the world of music might find itself in a healthier state than whence these five travelers found it. Oh, and we will fuck your shit up.”

Daddy Long Loin
Genre: Experimental/Rock/Funk
Sounds Like: A pleasantly befuddling one-man rock outfit like you’ve never experienced

Danny Winn & The Earthlings
Genre: Ska/Ska/Ska
Sounds Like: Upbeat, skankin’ third-wave ska

Dex & Kelly
Genre: Acoustic/Pop/Alternative
Sounds Like: Maroon 5, Ryan Cabrera, and 3 Doors Down all mixed up
The Band Says: “Their simple and smooth melodic lines, catchy lyrics and visual appearance will catch you off guard and suck you into the experience.”

The Dirty Novels
Genre: Powerpop/Soul/Psychedelic
Influences: True love and sexuality
The Band Says: “Vintage and modern by design, this Albuquerque-based group blends rock ‘n’ roll’s past with the rock ‘n’ roll future. The Dirty Novels bring you hip-shaking, love-making rhythms that can’t be beat.”

Echoes of Fallen
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Influences: Most likely Jack and Cokes
Sounds Like: A screaming, thrashing, mosh-inducing dog pile of hardcore

Face Across The Floor
Genre: Punk/Rock/Garage
Sounds Like: A bad idea that you eventually succumb to and enjoy
The Band Says: “BEWARE!!!”

Feels Like Sunday
Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
The Band Says: “Feels Like Sunday has been around for five years now. They were a four piece, then a five piece, then a four piece and now a five piece again.”

Felonious Groove Foundation
The Band Says: “New Mexico’s premier retro-funk contingent incorporates Latin, hip-hop and jazz resulting in a party-oriented, high-octane, unforgettable musical experience.”

Five Minute Sin
Genre: Southern Rock/Rock
Sounds Like: Velvet Revolver meets Black Sabbath and Zepplin.
The Band Says: “Twisting seemingly melodic expressions into a whirlwind of innovative, yet strangely familiar riffs, this Southern Hard Rock band has set in motion the turning of the wheels for a new world of true rock music to emerge.”

The Foxx
Genre: Rock/Powerpop
Influences: The Sweet, Paul Collin’s Beat, Bowie, T. Rex, Shocking Blue, Patsy Cline, The Undertones, Slade, Billy Childish, Graham Parker, Connie Francis, Tommy James and The Shondells, The Nazz, Brian Eno, Suzi Quatro, Nick Gilder, Hollywood Brats, Mud, Wizzard, The Zombies, The Pandoras, Dusty Springfield, Cheap Trick, bubblegum, powerpop, doo-wop, glam
Sounds Like: Glam, glitter, bubblegum, powerpop, tough love

The Gracchi
Genre: Punkus Rockus
Website: Info at
Influences: Beer and coffee
Sounds Like: “The Grack-eye.” Also, ’60s garage, ’70s punk and early ’80s hardcore

The Hollis Wake
Genre: Rock/Indie/Pop Punk
Influences: Everything from noise pop to heavy metal to Randy Newman
Sounds Like: Weezer, the Go-Gos, Buffalo Tom, The Donnas, The Feelies, Pixies, Husker Du, Mike Watt, Voice of the Beehive
The Band Says: “At a Hollis Wake show, 14-year-old girls dance alongside 50-year-old men, and every demographic in between.”

Jason Daniello, Jason & The Argonauts
Sounds Like: Wise, multi-dimensional songs with real heart

Jenny Gamble, The Jenny Gamble Trio
Genre: Solo Acoustic/Alternative/Folk/Rock
Influences: Her own unfailing passion, the Albuquerque music scene, her mom
Sounds Like: Succinct, honest folk-rock

Long Gone Trio
Genre: Rockabilly/Country/Rock
Influences: Whiskey, beer, corndogs, apple pie and ’50s rock ‘n’ roll
The Band Says: “The Long Gone Trio draws on the traditional sound of rock-a-billy, blending a mix of early rock ‘n’ roll and hillbilly sounds. These boys will really rock ya.”

Lower Than Dirt
Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Screamo
Sounds Like: Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, Mudvayne.
The Band Says: “LTD’s sound ranges from aggressive to melodic, both musically and vocally. The band prides itself on putting on a very energetic stage performance and keeping the crowd involved at all times.”

Memphis P Tails
Genre: Electric/Blues/Rock
Influences: Chicago-style blues and beyond
Sounds Like: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Duarte, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy

The Mindy Set
Genre: Rock/Pop/Indie
Influences: The Beatles, The Cure, The Flaming Lips, American Analog Set, The Jam, The Fall
The Band Says: “Check us out … We will blow your mind away.”

Minus 7
Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Country
Influences: Don’t even try to compare them to anyone. They don’t like it.
The Band Says: “Minusseven brings you a heavy and unique style of hardcore metal.”

Mucho Buddha
Genre: Rock/Funk/World Beat/Psychedelic/Jam
Sounds Like: Phish, The Grateful Dead
The Band Says: “What is desert rock? Mucho Buddha will play it for you.”

Mystic Vision
Influences: Revolutionary ethics anatomically liberated
The Band Says: “Music for the soul and mind, driven by truth.”

Lousy Robot
Genre: Indie/Pop/Alternative
Influences: Deathray Davies, Chomsky, Baboon, Toadies, Ass Ponys, Wilco, Grant Lee Phillips, Starlight Mints, From Bubble Gum to Sky, The Shins, New Pornographers, Postal Service, R.E.M.
The Band Says: “Since their first show in April 2003, this four piece rock group from Albuquerque has been busy creating catchy, noisy songs aimed at the cynical but somehow resonating with the hopeful.”

Obscene Jesters
Genre: Lounge/Metal
Influences: The Misfits, C.O.C., Bad Brains, Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, AC/DC.
Sounds Like: Tight, heavy hardcore with powerful vocals
The Band Says: “We’re loud and obscene!”

of god and science
Genre: Indie/Rock/Progressive
The Band Says: “We are an independent rock band whose goal it is to imagine, create, and appreciate music that can be used for spiritual, sexual, personal, intimate, selfish, experimental, weird or freaked out on whatever reasons. Please join us for drinks in a whale’s belly as soon as possible.”

The Oktober People
Genre: Rock/Indie/Alternative
Influences: The Dalai Lama, Appleseed Cast, Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Archers of Loaf, My Bloody Valentine, Kinski, Sigúr Rós, The Album Leaf.
Sounds Like: An absinthe meditation on snowflakes

Old Man Shattered
Genre: Rock/Rock/Rock
Influences: Too many to name
The Band Says: “Old Man Shattered has struck a balance between the spontaneity and honesty of live performance while maintaining the sound of seasoned musicians.”

Paul Salazar/The Paul Salazar Band
Genre: Pop/Alternative/Acoustic
Influences: Love, life and everything in between
Sounds Like: Easy-going, contemplative singer-songwriting performed by a team of seasoned musicians

Pontius Violet
Genre: Rock/Indie/Alternative
Influences: The Cure, Radiohead, Jane’s Addiction, Queens of the Stoneage, Slowdive, Mogwai

Rage Against Martin Sheen
Genre: Punk/Comedy/Pop Punk
Sounds Like: A cross between The Frogs, Dead Milkmen, The Ramones and Green Day
The Band Says: “Open your mind, relax your sense of moral decency and get ready for a ride like no other. You may be surprised at how interesting and unique hippie-bashing is when turned into punk rock metaphor by Rage Against Martin Sheen.”

The Rip Torn
Genre: Rock/Experimental/New Wave
The Band Says: “The Rip Torn is constantly improvising in and around their set lists to excite the audience and themselves. Live performances have become quite an event because of their nonstop intensity; on the way towards their quest of bold, dance-happy, unconscious grooves.”

Roger Jameson
Genre: Acoustic/Modern Folk/Americana
Influences: Roadhouse country and Western, Tom Petty, The Eagles
Sounds Like: Intimate, acoustic poetry that’ll woo the socks off ya

Romeo Goes To Hell
Sounds Like: Two-car garage rock
The Band Says: “We’re cool, because we’re in a band! We won’t stop until we’ve burned rock ‘n’ roll to the ground!”

The Roustabouts
Genre: Rockabilly/Swing
Influences: PBR, Johnny Walker, trucker speed
Sounds Like: Music fer dancin’, toe-tappin’ and general rug cuttery

The Rudy Boy Experiment
Genre: Blues/Blues/Blues
Influences: Brews, blues and good news
Sounds Like: Damn fine stylized blues

Ryan McGarvey
Genre: Blues/Rock/Classic Rock
Influences: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Chris Duarte, Ian Moore, Joe Bonamassa
Sounds Like: A 45-year-old electric blues musician trapped in the body of an 18-year-old

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Surf/Punk
Sounds Like: A combination of former members of Dead Leonard, Stretch, GoMotorCar, Blotter and Blunt Society
The Band Says: “This is an intense three-piece band out of Albuquerque … a diverse rock unit that isn’t afraid to stray from the norm.”

Sin Serenade
Genre: Country/Psychobilly/Surf
Influences: Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Escovedro Horton, Rolling Stones, Reverend Horten Heat, Turbonegro, 16 Horsepower
The Band Says: “This week we’re callin’ it trashy Western”

Genre: Hip-Hop/Funk/Jazz/Zappadelic
Influences: Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Funkadelic, Frank Zappa, The Roots, Erykah Badu and Mos Def
Sounds Like: The creative and intellectual intersection of Chronic Logic, Los Brown Spots, Concepto Tambor, Felonious Groove Foundation and The Misdemeanors

Genre: Indie/Ambient/Rock
Sounds Like: Tight atmospheric rock with powerful vocals
The Band Says: “Imagine a mix (hold your horses now …) between the Danish sensation Saybia, Led Zeppelin, Marillion (The H-era), Muse, Tears For Fears and Radiohead, and we’re quite near the garage of Soular’s music these days.”

Stan Hirsch
Sounds Like: Masterful, understated blues that gets way down deep into your gut
The Band Says: “All I ever wanted to do was play guitar and sing. So that’s what I spent my time doin’.”

The Surf Lords
Surf/Instrumental/Go-Go Dance Party
Sounds Like: The soundtrack to a surf spaghetti Western, complete with two lovely dancing girls
The Band Says: “Shark Attack!!”

Third Hour
Genre: Rock/Garage/Alternative
The Band Says: “Their look and music is unique, meshing sounds of classic/blues rock, rhythmic rock, punk rock, Latin and Caribbean rhythms. Third Hour continues to strive for local, regional, national and worldwide acclaim!”

Unit 7 Drain
Genre: New Wave/Indie/Rock
Influences: The Magnetic Fields, Longwave, The Mindy Set, The Postal Service, Nirvana, Weezer, Elefant, The Cure, Christian Death, The Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio, Psychedelic Furs, Low, Demon Semen, Peaches, Slowdive, R.E.M.
The Bands Says: “We sound the way that blood smells.”

Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal
Influences: Slayer, Entombed, Mayhem.
Sounds Like: Old-school black metal; dark, hard hardcore
The Band Says: “No mercy!”

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Genre: Indie/Emo/Punk
The Band Says: “If you took the drummer from Romeo Goes To Hell, mixed in a dash of one of the Oktober People’s guitarists and then added a healthy dose of the Bellmont … oh, and all under the influence of psychedelics, then you’d have our sound.”

Young Edward
Genre: Bluegrass/Alternative/Old Time
Influences: Jim Beam and Bill Monroe
Sounds Like: A belt slapping against the bare backside of a drunken juvenile delinquent
The Band Says: “Our songs are almost always faster than acoustic music should legally be played.”

Zack Freeman
Genre: Beat Box/Hip-hop/Funk
Influences: Razzell, Bobby McFerrin
Sounds Like: Crazy beat box grooves and singing over four-track loops

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