Danny Lopez

Public Relations Director, National Hispanic Cultural Center

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Best Undiscovered Restaurant

This place is very quaint and unassuming but the service and food are great! You definitely don’t feel like you’re in Albuquerque and the portions are pretty hefty.

Best Romantic Dinner Spot

At sunset the view of the Sandias is great and the fact that you’re actually out of Albuquerque is even better. I’ve never had a bad meal there and the wine and beer selection are good. I like the fact that it has never been packed when I’m there and if there's music, it’s even better.

Best Restaurant For A First Date

This is a fun place with good Mexican seafood if that’s what you both crave. The fact that you can crack a few Coronas and enjoy a dozen oysters on the half shell is always a sign of a good first date.

Best Hamburger

The black and bleu burger is great. It’s not too big and you can get it with a salad so you don’t get full and avoid the guilt. Add a little bacon along with the crumbled bleu cheese and you’ve got a great treat and you can still walk out of the place without any assistance.

Best Restaurant South Of Albuquerque

This is the best New Mexican food and green chile ever!!! The fact that you’re eating in the family's old house and you can actually see la abuelita cooking in the kitchen is awesome. The icing on the cake though is that you can enjoy your meal with a cold 40-ounce beer. You’ll need it too to save you from the killer chile. Dale gas!!!

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