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Celtic Hip Flask, $44.95

Devin D. O'Leary
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Now I can get drunk … on national pride! What self-respecting Irishman wouldn't love this attractive hip flask complete with pewter inset Celtic knot pattern? It's functional (comes complete with funnel) and holds a generous amount of whisky (for you Scots) or whiskey (for you Irishmen). Among the other Celtic treasures (CDs, books, jewelry, bagpipe accessories), Bally Dun is also an official licenser of Guinness merchandise. Sláinte.

Roller Derby T-Shirt, $12

Not only does this T-shirt feature the wicked cool logo for the new Duke City Derby, but it goes to help support our very own, very new Albuquerque roller derby league. And lemme tell you–like rapid transit and public parks, roving gangs of hard-rolling, ass-kicking females go a long way toward increasing my local standard of living.

“Battle Royale” Manga, $9.98 Each

I love comic books. Love movies. I love violent Japanese schoolgirls with machine guns. What better gift than this manga (comic book) adaptation of Koushun Takami's controversial novel (available through Viz Media in the U.S.) and Kinji Fukasaku's kinetic film (still unavailable in stateside)? The story of high school students forced to fight to the death by a cruel futuristic dictatorship spreads over 15 volumes.

Kyosho Caliber M24 Microheli, $299

Whoa! This simple, lightweight wonder represents the cutting edge of RC technology. Weighing in at a mere 10 ounces, this foot-long chopper uses a standard 72 mghz airplane radio controller (1 mile range) and is powered by a common 9.6v NiCad battery (no messy fuels to mix). It comes complete and ready to fly right out of the box–meaning you'll be buzzing around the park (or your living room) in no time.

Slot Cars, $20-$40 Each

These are not the cheap little slot cars you grew up with. These 1/32 scale “adult” models are much larger and more detailed (working brake lights!). And since they're digitally controlled, you can run as many as four racers and two pace cars on a single two-lane track. A basic track setup will run you between $69 and $300. Then you get to start collecting cars! Manufacturers offer everything from superbness to Mini Coopers to Formula One racers to muscle cars. (Mmmm. Plymouth Superbird.) Me, I'm partial to the old-school speedsters like this bitchin' Bugatti.

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