Did Last Year’s Predictions Come True?

How Accurate Were Last Year’s Psychic Forecasts?

Sarah M. Kramer
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Did Last Year’s Predictions Come True?


Prediction: It would appear that the youngest one will come out on top, but not without a fight. There are many issues that cross over this time, but it’s not yet a time for a “minority” win. Interestingly, Oprah could be a vice presidential contender if she wanted—not on merit, but on popularity. Old seats will be lost to a more practical group of leaders.

Actual Outcome: Well, Obama (“the youngest one”) did win after a big fight, but Lente’s wrong on the minority front. Oprah couldn’t even get a chair at Obama’s election night rally, much less on his cabinet. But many seats were turned over to Democrats this year (it’s a matter of opinion as to whether they’re “more practical”).


Prediction: The value of the dollar will bottom out as we verge on the edge of recession. The new standard isn’t dollars anymore but the power of oil and who controls the flow. Because of overspending and debt on the part of many, one wrong move could send the economy tumbling. Those using cash will be better off.

Actual Outcome: Whether or not that oil and flow part was intended as a pun, oil prices plummeted from $145 a barrel in July to less than $40 a barrel in December. But the second part of Lente’s prediction is right-on.


Prediction: Global warming is a myth, as is global cooling. These things cycle through on a bigger scale than we can see or appreciate. It’s more a matter of how well we stay in balance with the Earth. The Earth will eventually awaken again and shake us off as if so many fleas. Watch the Texas coastline in August of next year. Also expect a change in atmospheric contaminants.

Actual Outcome: The one about the Texas coastline is eerily accurate. Though it was in September, Hurricane Ike still hit the Texas coast with winds of 110 mph and a tidal wave surge over 20 feet. Talk about Mother Earth rising up.

Science and Technology

Prediction: An unexpected, major, new DNA find is upcoming with peculiar results and connections. It will affect how we see ourselves in relation to the rest of creation. Tracking devices will also be disguised in such a way that we are unaware of their existence. Be cautious.

Actual Outcome: DNA-centric science had a couple of milestones this year. J. Craig Venter, one of the geneticists who mapped the human genome, put together the 582,000 base pairs required to make a new kind of bacteria, essentially creating life. And in November, Penn State Biochemistry Professor Stephan Schuster helmed a team that reconstructed the genomes from the hair of a mummified woolly mammoth. Perhaps 2009 will see the return of the dodo.

Celebrity and Entertainment

Prediction: A beloved, popular entertainment figure will be injured and perhaps die as a result of a foolish stunt. This is a younger person—late 30s to late 40s. Reality shows will peak and run their course as people look for more substantive issues to explore.

Actual Outcome: Heath Ledger’s death was unexpected, but at 28, Ledger couldn’t be the prediction’s subject. And as long as VH1 and MTV pump out "Celeb-reality" programming instead of music videos, reality TV seems set for well beyond 2009.

World Events

Prediction: Israel will go its own way and will seem to be the rogue nation. However, Israel’s motivations will be secured upon sound reasoning and will be shown to be in the right. Others will misinterpret, and escalation of conflict seems certain. But it will be limited. Also, look for an unexpected world leader to come out of the Third World.

Actual Outcome: Israel did experience an increase in conflict this year. Also, Fidel Castro handed down the Cuban presidency to his younger brother, Raul Castro, which wasn’t too unlikely, since he’d been serving as interim president since 2006.

Michael Smith


Prediction: Unfortunately, I see 2008 as a turbulent year, with disasters and setbacks likely exceeding anything we have known in United States history. For 2008, the best thing we can do is prepare to help our neighbors in times of need. This means stocking up on emergency supplies, such as canned food, water and portable sources of heat.  

Actual Outcome: Damage caused on the Texas island of Galveston compared to that of post-Katrina New Orleans. In another Katrina déjà vu, Texas governor Rick Perry also decried the lax efforts of FEMA to help those affected by the storm.


Prediction: I see Barack Obama taking and leading the United States through tremendous turmoil over the next few years. The most likely Republican nominee is Mike Huckabee.

There is a strong likelihood President Bush may not finish his term in office. (I do not know if this is due to resignation, impeachment or death.) The government and people of the United States will suffer instability on a scale that we have not seen in a hundred years.  

Actual Outcome: Smith is right about Obama, but missed on Huckabee. Unless Bush kicks the bucket between now and Jan. 20, he’s here to the bitter end.


Prediction: The word "recession" will be on everyone’s tongue. Not only will the markets slide; the worldwide banking system is poised to suffer a major collapse and we would be well-advised to start thinking about ways of bartering. Emphasis will also return to gold and especially silver. We will eventually be using our paper money to light fires to stay warm.

Actual Outcome: If there was a word for 2008, it was recession—fear of it drove political campaigns, crippled Wall Street, and made Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cry for help. And while most commodities waned in this financial mess, the value of gold did increase.


Prediction: This is a special area where I seem to be especially accurate and can often be very specific.

A major supervolcano is poised to erupt sometime this year, taking us by surprise and sending ash all over the Earth, affecting worldwide political and economic systems. It will blow Mount St. Helens away in terms of magnitude, and an eruption may occur in the Washington State or British Columbia area.

There is a strong likelihood of a severe (magnitude 8.1) earthquake on the San Andreas fault in California, along with an associated minor tsunami and flooding. “The big one" will happen soon and it will not be pretty. That, coupled with a potential tsunami in the New York coastal area, means we should prepare for the worst—Katrina times 10.

Indonesia in 2008, a prelude to WWIII. Iran is also a dangerous place this year; American journalists could be kidnapped in Iran and used for political purposes.

Actual Outcome: Volcanoes (not supervolcanoes) in Chile and Columbia forced evacuations of tens of thousands in May, and in July, a volcano outside of Anchorage, Alaska, erupted. All three incidents culminated in one death—a 92-year-old Chilean woman who had a heart attack during evacuation.


Prediction: Our country will continue to endure large-scale, violence-related tragedies. We will become more afraid of each other than we are of terrorists overseas. I specifically see college campuses and arena sporting events as primary targets for violence this year, with potential tragedies in Ohio and/or Florida. After these events, our political leaders will call for an intense focus on internal homeland security.

Actual Outcome: February 2008 was a trying time to be on campus. A woman at Louisiana Technical College killed two students before killing herself, and a shooting just a week later at Northern Illinois University left five dead and 16 wounded.

Mendy Lou Blackburn


Prediction: With 2008, the place to begin is in the number, which comes with its own cosmic content. “Eight” is infinite wisdom and possibilities, a prosperous connection to the divine matrix. “Two” is unity built upon faith. The zeros are power, lots of power, unseen and of a higher nature. So we can expect impact on many levels for humanity. There will be lots of behind-the-scenes activities, particularly in politics and media. We will also be faced with individual life challenges.

The theme should be wellness, goodness and unity as a whole, pertaining to every individual, and the ingredients are faith and courage. This will be an abundant year for all who put their strength of belief to work in unfailing ways.

Actual Outcome: Was your year abundant? The nation elected its first African-American president but voted to ban gay marriage, so Mendy Lou was onto something in declaring the year a mixed one.


Prediction: Clinton: She should have gone after vice president.

Richardson: He will not be living in the White House.

Obama/Edwards: There will be a power struggle here. This is going to be a nail-biter.

The Republican nomination is down to Huckabee and McCain. Intuitive speculation (tarot) says McCain. For the Democratic nomination, intuitive speculation has Obama.

Actual Outcome: The nail-biter was between Clinton and Obama. And while Richardson may not be living in the White House, he’ll be working in it as secretary of commerce. But party nomination picks get full marks.


Prediction: Wild stuff. The weather is not reliable. The winters are going to get harder and the summers hotter, with many extremes. There will be major cataclysms; we are in it for a long haul.

Actual Outcome: Albuquerque’s summer lingered as the city experienced 60-plus-degree weather well into November. Meanwhile, winter storms swallowed the West and East Coats, causing widespread transportation issues.

Science and Technology

Prediction: In April, there will be decisions of the ethical kind for science. May brings some kind of breakthrough that has old-fashioned, tried-and-true value: renewed understanding that will bring balance. There will be promise of fulfillment, prayers answered and sides chosen in June and July; money and support issues will preside over the intelligence in August.

Actual Outcome: Discrimination hit the genetic level in August with the passing of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. The act forbids discrimination on the basis of DNA tests, a preventative measure that might keep us from reaching Gattica -like levels of DNA-based segregation.

World Relations

Prediction: The veneer of social economic standards is on the verge of dissipation worldwide. In April, an oppressive power could be brought to its knees or at least well-disciplined, and in the months following a new authority will be uplifting. In the summer and fall, some will be standing on their own, while others convene for worthwhile platforms. There will be fresh new authority nearing winter. One or perhaps two women may present some fair, noteworthy objectives.

Actual Outcome: Only two women in international politics with balanced objectives? Well, maybe. Haiti elected its second female Prime Minister, but Michèle Pierre-Louis’ August installation only allowed her time to tend to the island after Hurricane Ike hit. And, one year into her first term, Argentina president Cristina Kirchner stopped being hailed as “Queen Cristina” as the country experienced rising inflation among other political turbulence.

Cosmic Update

Prediction: We are entering a new era. This era is, in fact, a golden age full of wealth and prosperity unlike any golden age before. This golden era is the dawning of universal consciousness, where universal law and cosmic truth preside over unanimity. Certainty and bliss will come from directing the spirit from within toward the ideal existence.

Actual Outcome: Has she informed Wall Street or the auto industry of the beginning of this golden age? However, one could argue that human consciousness is shifting.

Catherine Wishart


Prediction: 2008 will be a year of new beginnings, new inventions and new discoveries. For those of you who had a rotten 2007, rest assured 2008 will be much better. From a numerological standpoint, 2007 is a “nine” year [2+0+0+7=9], which represents endings, divorce, loss, transitions and completion. 2008 is a “one” year [2+0+0+8=10, 1+0=1], so it will be a time of new beginnings, growth and new opportunities.

Actual Outcome: Did you grow and begin anew this year?

Science and Technology

Prediction: 2008 will see a lot of new inventions. Phone technology will change dramatically this year. We’ll be seeing smaller car designs (you don’t have to be psychic to know this is fueled by rising gas costs).

I predict someone will invent interactive music instruction videos along the lines of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. So if any video game inventors are reading this, get to it and you’ll make a fortune.

Actual Outcome: In April, UC Berkeley researchers showed the feasibility of using cell phones for medical imaging, and the University of Utah has developed a wireless gadget that detects car key use to jam a cell phone and prevent use while driving. Nintendo’s Wii Music, released this summer, allows you to "play" 60 musical instruments. But an actual musical instruction video has yet to be released on a game system.

Celebrity and Entertainment

Prediction: The Writers Guild and the TV/movie studios will get it together by February. Unfortunately, the caliber of next season’s TV shows and a few movies will suffer as everyone will be scrambling to get scripts out. In the meantime, be prepared for a flux of reality shows and reruns.

Britney Spears’ life will balance out by November, and don’t be surprised if Brad Pitt makes a teary-eyed confession on a late-night talk show about the start of his relationship with Angelina Jolie.

Actual Outcome: Spears’ album Circus did debut at No. 1 in December, and though a balanced celebrity seems like an oxymoron, at least she didn’t shave her head again. Pitt hasn’t yet made any teary-eyed confessions. But the writers’ strike was over by February.


Prediction: Be prepared for Zoolander derelict homeless fashion style to hit the runways in spring 2008. Also, Asian influences, industrial chic, plaid and black-and-gold combos are all big next spring. Designers are mixing it up in terms of style. Fitted ruched skirts with loose tops are big. Plaid shirt dresses with flowing hemlines and wide, black, cinched belts … fitted plaid shirts under little dresses. Chromatic colors with a futuristic bent are coming in. You’ll see shiny silver and gold clothes. Gold satin suits with black shirts. The suit jackets are fitted while the pants are loose or vice versa.

You’ll see purses made from fabric and soda-can tops, belts made from leather and decorated bottle caps. Even jewelry is picking up the industrial chic trend with screwdriver-type motifs intertwined with modern circular styles inset with gems.

Actual Outcome: Runway wear tends to be miles away from what Joe and Jane Average have in their closets, but the greening of everything is spilling into Earth-friendly fashion. Even Natalie Portman launched a vegan shoe line (which subsequently went under).


Prediction: This will be a great year to start a relationship. If you are in a relationship, this is a time to take your relationship to a deeper level or rekindle any stagnant feelings. If you’re looking for love, get out there and start mingling. A relationship started in this year has the ability to develop into something deep and lasting. If you suffered a divorce in 2007, don’t worry, 2008 will have you bouncing back. There’s an influx of new energy, vigor and excitement in the way you view life.

2008 will bring lots of change and freshness but also a level of stability. Eight represents stability and a strong foundation. Projects begun this year have staying power. So get those New Year’s resolutions out and get going.

Actual Outcome: Change and stability concurrently? Did the yin-and-yang blending of those opposing forces invigorate your 2008 love life?

A. Elizabeth Anglin


Prediction: There will be major storms in the Gulf of Mexico in early 2008 until mid-February, affecting oil platforms and rigs. January will be rough, with huge waves and big wind.

Another hurricane will hit land while at a Category 3 to 4 strength early in the hurricane season. It will make landfall between Houston and New Orleans. The eastern edge of the storm will be over New Orleans and the western edge near Houston. This storm will end up going right up the Mississippi River Valley, where it will also bring major flooding to the Midwest and loss of life in relating to flooding and bridges being washed out with people on them.

Albuquerque weather: It will be wet and snowy until mid-February, with good snow on the ski slopes until May, and then dry and pleasant through spring. There will be a monsoon this year with high temperatures, so prepare for it to be both hot and humid in the summer until mid-August, when it will become dry again through late fall.

Actual Outcome: Once again, Hurricane Ike made its coming known through divination. According the National Weather Service, August precipitation in New Mexico was below the average.


Prediction: There will be more wheat and crops lost, this time through locust swarms in August. There will also be more contaminated meat from packing plants in the Chicago area. This will be reported as a major news story in August. There will be major E. coli outbreaks in Illinois. 2008 is not the year to eat pork. Be safe: Do not eat pork products! Part of the problem has to do with flooding and raw sewage overflow. It will be very wet in the Midwest.

Actual Outcome: Raw tomatoes carried E. coli to New Mexico and Texas in June while lettuce brought on six cases of E. coli in the Land of Lincoln.

Gas Prices

Prediction: Prices will go down because it’s an election year. Instead of $3, we are going to see prices as low as $2.49. When the storms come, the prices will go back up to $3.18.

Actual Outcome: Gas prices mercifully toppled from nearly $4 to as low as a $1.41 at the year’s end.

Unexpected Events

Prediction: Much like Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s that was exposed after he left office, George Bush’s raging alcoholism will be exposed as affecting his presidency, especially the last six months of his presidency.

The Yankees will win the World Series.

Actual Outcome: We’re still waiting for the "G-Dub is raging alcoholic" announcement. And the Philadelphia Phillies took the Tampa Bay Rays in the Series, with nary a Yankee in sight.

World Events

Prediction: India will take even more call center jobs away from Albuquerque and the U.S. in general and will continue to experience great economic growth.

China will crack down on Taiwan. China will be also be spoken to by the U.S. regarding economic sanctions because of its human rights violations and will respond in a display of power by using aggressive force on Taiwanese and Tibetan people.

Chinese undercover agents have successfully infiltrated the Tibetan community in exile in India and will carry out some covert plans against the Dalai Lama and other members of the Tibetan government in exile. Look for illness and instability in the Tibetan government in exile.

Iraq moves toward greater stability as positive inflow of cash and stability from Saudi Arabia is now far outweighing negative inflow of suicide bombers, also from Saudi Arabia.

Americans will become upset with France again, probably something the French president will say that will be blatantly anti-American and pro-Palestine or Iran. So boycott good Brie and french fries now, before it becomes fashionable!

New AIDS cases in Africa will decrease while new Ebola cases increase.

Ninja polar bears, trained by the Canadian government in a joint environmental and antisocial terrorism campaign, will target and dispatch any rude and annoying American tourists who are not kept away by the passport requirement … because something we didn’t expect has to happen in 2008.

Actual Outcome: Riots in Lhasa and worldwide protests support much of Anglin’s prophesy. The 2008 Beijing Olympics drew the whole world’s attention to China, but an article in Taiwan News condemned the country for regressions in human rights, including crackdowns on Internet searching and journalism. Alas, ninja polar bears remain either a fantasy or a well-kept secret. Perhaps 2009 will see hordes of Americans venturing to the northern border solely to get attacked by deadly assassin polar bears as Mounties look on—get on that, Canada!
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