District 8

Trudy Jones (Unopposed)

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(Tina Larkin)
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What’s up with District 8? Do people living in this far Northeast Heights portion of the city just not give a damn about the direction of our city?

Four years ago, the underperforming councilor Craig Loy, a retired police officer, ran unopposed for the position. Now Trudy Jones, a commercial real estate agent, is also running free of competition. She might not be an ideal candidate, but since she’s your only choice, you might as well vote for her.

Jones has lived in Albuquerque since 1980. She’s vehemently against using a New Urbanist philosophy to guide growth in the city, defining this (inaccurately) as “building lots of high-rise condos.” She wants to get her district a community center. Other concerns are petty crimes, traffic congestion and high property taxes. Like all the candidates supposedly backed by the mayor, she places a heavy emphasis on increasing civility on the Council. For some reason, she also insists that a Council seat shouldn’t be used as a stepping stone to higher office.

During our candidate interview, Jones declined to describe specific ideas she wants to bring to the Council table, saying that until she gets into office she won’t really know what’s going on. We’re not sure we understand this argument but, again, she’s the only option you’ve got.
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