Election 2014: The Alibi Guide To Rocking The Bernalillo County Vote

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Voting In 2014 But Were Afraid To Ask

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The Alibi Guide to Rocking the Bernalillo County Vote
( Josh Larios )
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Pro-tip: The hottest election day accessories are an informed understanding of candidates’ platforms and records, bond questions, constitutional amendments and advisory questions. Democracy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and—speaking of modern convenience—your presence is requested in the voting booth, burqueñas y burqueños. We here at the Alibi hope to encourage and empower you to cast your ballot. With options like early voting (until Nov. 1), there’s really no excuse for dereliction of your electoral duty. Read on for 2014 Election Guide coverage of gubernatorial and other key races and translations of ballot-speak on proposed amendments and advisory questions.

Election 2014 Propaganda’s A No-No

When getting your vote on, don’t rock anything resembling “campaign materials.” Think buttons, stickers or t-shirts shouting candidates’ names and endorsements on other ballot items. Similarly, displaying literature that endorses a candidate or yes/no vote is strictly verboten . Here’s what you can/should bring: your sample ballot, a candidate/proposition/bond cheat sheet, hard candy and a worry stone; the 2014 ballot is labyrinthine, and some crib notes will prove useful. If you take the Alibi Election Guide along, keep it respectfully stowed away while in line.

Election 2014 There’s An App For That

Access info about your registration, eligibility status, precinct number and Election Day voting location info at app.bernco.gov/wherevote. Input your name and date of birth at portal.sos.state.nm.us/ballots to download a sample ballot in PDF form. To avoid Election Day lines, the Alibi recommends voting early. Visit bit.ly/myvotecentersabq for early voting center locations, including their individual estimated wait times. Direct further questions to the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office at 243-VOTE (8683).

Election 2014 Id (Probably) Not Required

Nuevomexicano voters have no reason to worry about voting machine glitches and vulnerabilities; all the votes in our state are cast by paper ballot. If you’re a newly registered voter—who didn’t include a photocopy of photo ID with mail-in registration forms—you will need an ID to vote. But the vast majority of voters are not required to show any form of ID. Simply state your name, address and date of birth and get your democratic duty on. For new New Mexico voters, acceptable forms of identification range from traditional (read: driver’s licenses, IDs) to alternative (read: a bank statement or utility bill showing name and address).

Election 2014

For more info on the general election and candidates, visit:

Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office


New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office


The League of Women Voters of New Mexico



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