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When You Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody, To Extinguish The Flames Engulfing Your Car

John Bear
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Sometimes the police are necessary. I remember back in college I had some neighbors who threw a screaming kegger / vomit party every night of the week. They asked me to simply come over and tell them if they were being too loud. One time they savagely killed a goat. I found the police to be a better option. They will come over any time day or night, with guns, and tell the neighbors to be quiet. It’s a pretty good deal, needless to say. That so many police substations are memorials to fallen officers is worth noting and appreciating.

Police Directory

911 (obviously)

Non-emergency crime reporting:
242-COPS (2677)

Burglary, robbery, auto theft and property crimes: 768-2300

Chief of police: 768-2200

Court services: 768-2290

Crime Stoppers: 843-7867

DWI, hit and runs, school crossing guards: 761-8800

Family crisis unit: 243-2333

Forgery: 768-2300

Gangs and narcotics: 875-3500

Graffiti hotline: 768-4725

Homicide, crimes against children, family assault, sex crimes and stalking: 924-6000

Horse patrol: 244-6643

Missing persons: 924-6047

Neighborhood watch, community awareness and crime prevention: 924-3600

Parking citations (City Treasury): 724-3149

Police recruiting: 343-5020

Psychological services: 764-1600

Records and information: 768-2020


Jeff Russell Memorial Substation: 12800 Lomas NE, 332-5240

John Carrillo Memorial Substation: 8201 Osuna NE, 823-4455

Northwest Area Command: 4051 Ellison Avenue NW (across from Cibola High School), 768-4850

Phil Chacon Memorial Substation: 800 Louisiana SE, 256-2050

Gerald Cline Memorial Substation: 5408 Second Street NW, 761-8800

Shawn McWethy Memorial Substation: 6404 Los Volcanes NW, 831-4705

Coronado Mall Community Substation: 875-0500

Cottonwood Mall Community Substation: 897-8803

Triangle Community Substation: 2901 Central NE, 256-8368

James Dwyer Memorial Substation: 12700 Montgomery NE, 332-5254

Fire Department

If your house is on fire, please call
911 .

Fire marshal: 764-6300

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Manny Gonzales: 400 Roma NW, 468-7100

North Area Command Center: 6900 Fourth Street NW, 314-0030

South Area Command Center: 2039 Isleta SW, 314-0010

East Area Command Center, Community Policing Search and Rescue: 15 S. Zamora, Tijeras, 281-1400

The Law

A good resource for looking up criminal and civil cases is

District attorney’s office: 520 Lomas NW, 841-7100

District Court: 400 Lomas NW, 841-8400

Metro Court: 401 Lomas NW, 841-8100

U.S. District Court: 333 Lomas NW

U.S. District Court clerk: Matthew Dykman, 348-2000

State Police: 2501 Carlisle NE, 841-9256

Federal Bureau of Investigation: 4200 Luecking Park NE, 889-1300

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: (800) 283-4867

Homeland Security: 346-7912
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