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Rene Chavez
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Everyone needs a backpack (Renee Chavez)
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Galway Kinnell wrote, “I love the earth and always/ in its darkness I am a stranger.” That only-human-for-miles feeling expands your mind in primitive ways and wakes up that sleeping saber-toothed beast in your soul. You are animal! You will learn the land and become one with it! … Or not. Even if a shiny hotel far away from all things dirty and natural is your cup of tea, you still have to come up with a mind-blowing gift for that free spirit in your life whose idea of fun consists of pooping in the woods and sleeping under the stars. So here’s a dirty handful of last-minute ideas.



Outdoor REGear

4201 Yale NE

Outdoor gear is ridiculously expensive right? Wrong! Head over to Outdoor REGear, an outdoor equipment consignment store, where you can pick up anything and everything from skis and coats to kayaks and bicycles. People are always going through phases of believing they can be the next Cheryl Strayed only to realize that couch-potatoism is their true calling. That means there is a lot of never or rarely used outdoor gear in the world that is looking for a new home at a very decent price. Check out the awesome backpack selection that varies in purpose from light day hiking to month-long lone wolfing. This is seriously the best kept secret in Burque. Now you’re in the know.

Peak Plus Card


Ski Santa Fe

1477 NM-475, Santa Fe

Snow bums will rejoice upon receiving this kick-ass discount card for both Ski Santa Fe and Sandia Peak. This handy dandy pass can be used all season long with no blackout dates and presenting it at the lift ticket office will take $25 off the price of an all-day, all-mountain lift ticket (beginner lift not included). Order online and get it via snail mail or just tell your snow bunny to pick it up when they go to hit the slopes. They can use the 25 bucks they save on a victory beer or two once they master that Double McTwist.

Discover Suba Diving


The Scuba Company

2715 San Mateo NE

Move over, Jaques Cousteau. Leave some ocean for the newbies. At The Scuba Company, buy a loved one the gift of the sea with an intro to scuba class. Under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor, students get to learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and even get to experience breathing underwater. While childhood fantasies of becoming a mermaid will never come true, you can still help your H2O-inclined friends learn to swim with the fishies and become fearless in the face of open water.

Climbing Lessons

$79.95 (BOGO)

Stone Age Climbing Gym

4130 Cutler Ave NE

Are there two people on your gift-giving list who were obsessed with tracking the progress of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson when they free-climbed the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park? If they’re still only following @alexhonnold on Insta and have yet to build up some calluses, this is the perfect way to learn. The Introduction Package at Stone Age Climbing Gym includes “Introduction to Climbing” and “Fundamentals of Movement” classes plus two weeks of membership with free rentals starting from the time they take their first class. They’ll soon understand the joys of clinging to a wall like a drunken tree frog only to fall down and try again. The only way is up.

Build Your Own Fishing Rod

$165 (materials not included)

Los Pinos Fly & Tackle

4360 Cutler NE

It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy fishing, a stillness that is capable of patiently waiting as the hours go by for that little tug at the end of a line. Sure, anyone can go drink a six-pack in a rowboat but for anyone on your Christmas list who is serious about their aquatic hunting, a rod-building class at Los Pinos Fly & Tackle is the perfect present. This is a special opportunity for your fishy friend to learn how to build their own custom rod over the course of two days. They’ll even learn about advanced techniques like how to do custom inlays and decorative guide wraps. Treat the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life right and there may be a yummy fish-fry in your future.


The Flying Potato

Renee Chavez


Fish are friends AND food

Renee Chavez

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