Ethnic Cuisine

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Ethnic Cuisine
Best Middle Eastern: Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery
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Best Greek

Yanni’s makes Greek chic. In addition to perfected moussaka, spanakopita and souvlaki, this place touts a crisp, blue-and-white dining room that may inspire the briefest delusions of an ocean breeze.

2) Olympia Café

3) Mykonos Café & Taverna

Best Middle Eastern

Three reasons to love Sahara: 1) The food is spice-laden and succulent. 2) The prices are low. 3) The location is close to UNM, which makes this little eatery the perfect place for a between-class / Nob Hill-shopping pit stop.

2) Anatolia Doner Kebab Restaurant

3) Pars Cuisine

Best Italian

From build-your-own pizzas to pasta alla carbonara, you love getting your Italian fix at four Albuquerque Mario’s locations. How convenient is that?

2) Trombino’s Bistro Italiano

3) Il Vicino

Best French

When the waiter asks, “En voulez-vous encore?” Alibi readers simply say, “Oui.” Pick up the menu, close your eyes, and point. It’s all good at this Nob Hill favorite.

2) P’tit Louis Bistro

3) La Crêpe Michel

Best Vietnamese

It’s a high honor to take home the gold in this category, since Burque is blessed with a bevy of great Vietnamese joints. Order a bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich), a bowl of pho or an avocado milkshake, and you’ll understand why Café Trang beat out the rest.

2) Viet Taste

3) Que Huong

Best Thai

A once-and-future Alibi readers’ favorite (getting the “Best-of” nod from 2004-2007) Orchid Thai is back on top. You may not be able to say Pud Med Ma-Muang Himapan, but you sure can eat it.

2) Thai Cuisine II

3) Thai Vegan

Best Fusion

This new kid on the block has the best empanadas around. And they’re not your mama’s empanadas. But they’re warm, sweet, spicy and sticky. Order anything— you’ll like it (especially if it has fried plantains).

2) StreetFood Asia

3) Cool Water Fusion Restaurant

Best Chinese

For more than 30 years, Albuquerque has loved Chen’s, especially the lunch specials. From the ’70s decor to the traditional menu, Alibi readers voted to keep their Chinese food decidedly old-school this year.

2) Budai Gourmet Chinese

3) StreetFood Asia

Best Indian

Readers are attracted to Taj Mahal for the great prices, but it’s the no naan-sense food that keeps them coming back. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike appreciate the variety of authentic Indian selections on Taj’s lunch buffet.

2) India Palace Cuisine of India

3) Rasoi: An Indian Kitchen

Best Korean

From beef ribs to spicy squid bulgogi, when you want Korean food, you want barbecue. Luckily, the Korean BBQ House has been serving up its grilled and marinated specialties for more than six years in its Nob Hill location, and you are hooked.

2) Arirang Oriental Market

3) Fu Yuang

Best Japanese

Dinner and a show? At the Japanese Kitchen, that’s just what you get as expert chefs cook dinner right at your table with plenty of live flame. Specialties include teriyaki chicken and teppan shrimp. Or if you feel like putting your dinner completely in the hands of the professionals, order the omakase and let the chef decide the entirety of your meal.

2) Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

3) AmerAsia & Sumo Sushi

Best Mexican

Land-locked Burqueños celebrate Los Equipales for serving up delicious fare from the coasts of Mexico, as well as central Mexican flavors like pollo en mole. If you haven’t been seduced by this sublime food already, get over there, order a fish taco, and soon you’ll swear you hear the surf on Silver Avenue.

2) Mariscos La Playa

3) El Norteño

Best Southern Food

We would crawl through a briar patch for the sweet southern ecstasy of Powdrell’s hickory smoked meats slapped with a side of collard greens and cornbread. Good thing there’s no briar patch between here and either of its locations.

2) Nexus Brewery

3) Pepper’s Ole Fashion BBQ

Most Wanted Ethnic Cuisine

There is a gaping injera shaped hole in Albuquerque’s culinary heart. We checked if Albuquerque has any sister cities in Ethiopia we could visit in order to convince a chef to move here. Alas, no. You’re going to have to drive to Denver to get your fix.

2) Burmese

3) Lebanese

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