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Our favorite Burque vendors on the cottage-industry supersite


Handmade whimsies of felt and yarn, including a number of adorable animals and tweed hats made for man’s best friend. And for the crafters, skeins of core spun art yarn made of luxurious fibers such as merino, silk, bamboo and baby camel hair.

Bull’s Eye Mercantile

Earrings and other adornments created from spent bullet casings and embellished with colorful cabochons. Made with firearm and shooting enthusiasts in mind—but some of us nongun folk find these crafty originals hot.

Baby Blastoff

Designs by Emily Bennett in a fun variety of styles and colors that don’t adhere to gender norms. Your favorite baby will make a statement in a Pretty Princess Dump Truck or Mr. Tough Guy Whisk onesie.

Urban Footprint Design

A modern artist prints typographical maps of your favorite U.S. cities or states, even international destinations. The maps are composed of the names of cities, towns and prominent landmarks artistically typeset to resemble the region.

Insane Jellyfish

Simple, playful, handmade sterling silver jewelry by Erin Higgs. Show off funky style and personal taste with skull-and-crossbones earrings and “I <3 sushi” keychains.

Gryphon’s Egg

The imagination runs wild with this shop full of handcrafted latex masks. Gargoyles, steampunk gas masks and our favorite, the modern superhero mask. The shopkeep will even make a superhero mask to order if you’re looking for a particular color.

Nat’s Custom Hats

Custom crocheted hats galore. Find cute caps for infants up to adults in a range of styles—including animals (giraffe, monkey and hippo), pop culture (Yoda, Pooh Bear, Thing 2 and Thing 1) and unique designs by the crochet master.

Willa June Jewelry

Warm, earthy jewelry designs in copper, silver and bronze. Get a personalized money clip made of bronze clay stamped with any name or word you’d like.

Moon Gipsies

This multifarious shop is brimming with delightful finds, including crocheted scarves, vintage men’s ties, jewelry and envelopes made from recycled books. We love the upcycled guitar picks made from old credit cards.

Sowelu Studio

Soap! And bath salts (not the blue meth kind). Get four bars of homemade goat milk soap in your choice of fragrances, such as peppermint, cucumber, Asian plum and dirt. Yep, dirt!

Mon Amie Paperie

Creations with paper, like roses, 3D butterfly wall adornments, table centerpieces, rings and more. Our fave is the recycled atlas paper lantern made from pages of discarded books and maps.

The Creative Cookie

These aren’t just cookies—they’re little edible masterpieces. Sugar cookies baked fresh-to-order and decorated with royal icing in a variety of creative designs including pirates, sugar skulls, superheroes and Star Wars.

Little Tree Wooly Works

Woolen mittens. Woolen pin cushions. Woolen laptop sleeves. Even woolen bowls! All felted, all handmade and all pretty darned awesome.

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