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Dress Tres Chic For Cheap!

Amelia Olson
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Fashion and Interior Design
The Enchanted Arts and Crafts Festival - Classic Century Square
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Albuquerque is #blessed with a handful of reasonably priced, strangely beautiful and well stocked antique stores just waiting for new clientele. If the hunt for vintage fashion and furniture is your game, then Albuquerque has a lot to offer.

In true New Mexican style, many of the antique businesses have an old school word-of-mouth marketing plan, making the treasures greater but the initial discovery a little harder. Luckily for you sweet antique collectors and folks traveling through, below you can find a basic list of the sweet spots Albuquerque’s vintage market has to offer.

Frock Star Vintage (115 Harvard Se) 266-6979

Frock Star is so cozily nestled in the warm and busy strip on Harvard and Central that you might almost miss it if you aren’t paying attention. The shop is chock-full of vintage t-shirts, upcycled vintage jewelry, ‘70s dresses and, unlike many of its sister businesses, it has a plentiful men’s section. The shop dog takes naps behind the counter while David Bowie plays softly in the background. It’s a friendly, unpretentious vintage store that has a genuinely unique collection of inexpensive garments and is not to be missed.

Classic Century Square (4616 Central Se) 265-3161

Thousands of square feet of people’s pasts lace the interior of the one-time department store near Dion’s on Central (or as some people call it, Central and Monroe.) This multi-vendor sales floor is a treasure chest of mid-century furniture, Bakelite, Barbra Streisand records and various vintage surprises. It’s also unpredictable, sometimes bountiful and at other times, a bit sparse. It’s the standard flea market dilemma: some things are obviously overpriced, while other vendors offer incredibly modest pricing. If you’re in love with the hunt, and have time to sift through some meh things, this place is absolutely wonderful and holds secret treasures waiting to be found. The main attraction here is furniture and antique jewelry, though I’ve found a few vintage garments over the years.

Past, Present & In-Between (5017 Lomas Ne) 232-6732

Driving east on Lomas toward San Mateo can be a real mind fuck. With the traffic from the Sprout’s parking lot calling up memories of DMV educational videos, it’s best to keep your eye on the road and stay focused. The only downside is you might just miss Past, Present & In-Between, a larger-than-it-looks antique and collectibles store on the north side of Lomas and Quincy. This shop truly offers an assortment of vintage gems at pretty consistently low prices. Here, you can find beautiful tapestries, vanities, psychedelically wonderful dining settings and the occasional pristine vintage dress. This is a great spot to check out if you’re interested less in vintage clothing and more into household items, decorative pieces and jewelry.

Off Broadway (3110 Central Se) 268-1489

Though its years of selling magnificently rare and beautiful vintage garments has gotten it a great reputation both locally and nationally, Off Broadway continues to feel like a humble, New Mexican vintage shop. On Nob Hill’s commercial strip, it offers high quality and specialized garments. Think weddings, film, special occasions and costumes (there’s a bevy of costume essentials as well!) While the prices are on the high side, it’s a must see for anyone drawn to the days of metal zippers and Lucite dreams. The shop is authentic, immaculately curated and a staple in Albuquerque’s vintage scene.
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