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Lisa Barrow
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2013 Haiku Contest Winners
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We gave you a month, Albuquerque, and you gave us the world broken into finely honed syllabic orders of expression. Egad! Hundreds of entries poured in for Alibi’s 21st annual Haiku Contest. To claim that choosing the best nine haiku from among so very many clever, snarky, wise and emotive possibilities was difficult would be an understatement of the most scurrilous variety. Suffice it to say that we loved many more than we could give prizes to—but we do invite you, our discerning readers, to examine the full roster of participants, and tell us why we chose rightly or wrongly.

A million and six thanks to this year’s sponsors, whose local goodies are sure to warm the cockles of our winners’ hearts:
The Grove Cafe & Market (600 Central SE, 248-9800), Downtown Books (109 Eighth Street SW, 243-4492), The Guild Cinema (3405 Central NE, 255-1848), Bookworks (4022 Rio Grande NW, 344-8139) and The Chocolate Dude (3339 Central NE, 639-5502). Winners in each category can pick up their prize packs at the Alibi offices at 413 Central NW from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Feature: Contest Winners Grand Prize Winners

Serious winner:

Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #83

Hummingbird weaves through

lemons and bees, stitching fresh

blooms into nectar.

–Denise Claeys

Funny winner:

I was 20 and

shrooming in Jemez before

I believed in gnomes

–albuquerque turkey

Feature: Contest Winners


Big, crumpled spider

Sad, you float in the toilet.

I just peed on you.

–Gwen Miller

Honorable Mentions:

I went to the zoo,

Saw two fucking kangaroos,

Then wrote a haikoo.

–Kevin WetSpot

howling at the moon

coyote professed his love

again and again

–Todd Eddy

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Feature: Contest Winners


Never wrote haiku

But I assume it’s like an


–Dusty McGowan

Honorable Mentions:

woman is a ship

either built in a bottle

or put out to sea

–Emily Parker

The moon sneezes, the

villagers flee in terror,

typhoon is singing.

–Richard Wolfson

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Feature: Contest Winners


Make bucks cooking meth.

Does teaching pay like it should?

Apparently not.

–Ray Nance

Honorable Mentions:

Keep driving Jesse.

Sociopathic shitstorm

behind you. Onward.

–Soni Buda

Gimme’ a teener,

but all I have is twenty,

Breaking Bad again

–Callan D. Moore

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Feature: Contest Winners


Rattlesnake Cupcake.

Chimichanga Mongoloid.

Kachina Machine.

–Kevin WetSpot

Honorable Mentions:

News raptures again

Like so many zombies sing

Storms Ronchetti brings

–Shelley Barratt

Tarantulas and

Heroin—what more to want?

Enchantment, ahoy!

–Scarlett Owen

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Feature: Contest Winners


Would Feng Shui my home.

So poor, I can only afford

government chi.

–Zachary Kluckman

Honorable Mentions:

sex on the bosque

you have your anal campaign

mayor, i have mine

–Mike L

Fuck your idea

Go back to Kansas. With love,

A true Burquena

–Zoe Northcutt

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Feature: Contest Winners


before a mirror

running a brush through wet hair

her robe slides open

–Todd Eddy

Honorable Mentions:


The erotic sense of breath

that comes before mouth

–Gabe Montoya

Trees bare and straining

against tense white sky your tan

line not yet faded.

–Amaris Ketcham

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Feature: Contest Winners


I once hugged the Fonz

and smelled like his man perfume

hours thereafter

–Jessica Mills

Honorable Mentions:

I am no witch yet

I have memorized a few

Lines from the future.

–Laura Weisberg

The worst word ever,

especially from a child:


–Chris Chapin

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2013 Haiku Contest Winners

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