Five Seven Five: The Winners Of Our 19Th Annual Haiku Contest

The Winners Of Our 19 Th Annual Haiku Contest

Summer Olsson
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Five Seven Five
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After announcing

our yearly haiku contest,

mail and comments rained.

It seems many think

that one must know Japanese

to write a haiku.

It’s true: Our letter

systems are vastly different,

our alphabets too.

Japanese: symbols

that represent thoughts. English:

words’ meaning ingrained.

In the West we say

syllables are what to count.

In Japan it’s
on .

Other rules apply

in Japanese haiku, too.

But here’s the great thing:

Writers of English

have developed their own style

and sense of timing.

This is our 19

annual haiku contest,

and talent’s been honed.

High school classes to

veteran poets all sent

their offerings in.

Whether a novice,

or you’re a professional,

a good choice: haiku.

Hundreds of poems,

turned in yearly, is a sign

we’ve made something new.

Thanks to all who played

Alibi Haiku" contest.

Those listed here win.

“Breaking Bad”

Skyler always thought

Walter could not hurt a fly

Now she knows better.

(Luann Wolfe)

How many chem nerds

have bought a Winnebago

and tried to cook meth?

(Elena Maietta)

The new guv breaks bad,

saves money by cutting jobs.

No more incentives.

(Steve Bishop)


Dew point is 40!

I’ve never been so sweaty!

I hate you AC!

(Jason Roach)

Why do fireworks

surround me to celebrate

the state up in flames?

(Jessica Mills)

Where does a man go?

Swept way down an arroyo

in New Mexico.

(RK Grubbs)

Science Fiction / Fantasy

impossible tricks

the dryer vent is block-ed

socks always escape

(Becky Ramotowski)

The greatest mission

in the Star-Trek universe:

move out of mom’s house.

(Jordan Ganz)

Android irises

dilate as day fades to night.

The third moon waxes.

(Tommi Tejeda)


blinking police light

reflections echoing off

the rain-slicked highway

(Richard Fye)

I was just moving

my car, it’s fine, I swear—No

Wait … Please don’t shoot me.

(Andrea Greenlee)

Her gun aimed steady

his bloodshot approach despite

four commands to stop

(Sidney Childress)


The flower ripples—

pond waves burst into blossom,

and the frog stays still.

(Chris Martinez)

Early snow like smoke

drifts up the hill while aspen

ignite the valley.

(Kelly Yenser)

A buck the color

of the slash it stands in still

startles a hunter.

(Kelly Yenser)


My pen, her paper.

My ink between her blank lines.

Our thoughts between words.

(Kerry Bridges)

on knees mesa head

rusty trailer wind tinkles

corduroy imprints

(Rachel Satz)

Whipped cream slowly melts

leaving a trail sticky sweat

for my tongue to find.

(David Bowes)


The Frontier sweet roll

swims in butter on my plate—

ecstasy awaits.

(Ray Tokuda)

Pillows from Heaven,

Soft white clouds absorb flavor,

Japanese Tofu.

(Jared Charley)

Fat, Greasy, Cheap Food

Weird taste, Stinky, Rude workers,

It is McDonald’s.

(Michael Montoya)


The day approaches

where you will have to decide:

pirate, or ninja?

(Peter Cornelius)

sold your baseball cards

left your telescope outside

damn your memory

(Rachel Satz)

Hitler was the man

Who took the Chaplin mustache

And made it evil.

(Lynn Ambrosino)
Five Seven Five

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