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Snugglecubs Cookies

Dan Pennington
3 min read
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Don’t let the name turn you off. These homemade cookies are the best damn cookies I’ve ever eaten. With New Mexican cities and locales serving as names for their unique creations, these aren’t the sort of cookies you expect. By that, I mean size matters, and these baked delights are three times the thickness of regular cookies. As a Millennial, I know the importance of thickness and the thirst many have for it, so it makes sense that Snugglecubs won Best of Burque’s coveted Best Cookie award this year. My personal favorite, besides the classic chocolate chip variety named after Old Town, is the Taos, a banana walnut with chocolate chunks that delivers the funky monkey flavor profile you crave and deserve. You can buy them straight from their website,, for $29.99 per dozen.

A Metric Ton Of Local Foodstuff

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm and, by extension, their Farm Shop represent the culmination of everything Southwestern in one space. Stocking both their own line and other vendors in a single, convenient space, you’re left with just one question: What can’t you buy from Los Poblanos? Purchase Green Chile Jam for $12, Lavender Creamed Honey for $16 and a Southwest Salt Gift Set for $32. Add to that an incredible line of local teas running around $9 to $10 each, different sorts of nut assortments for $12 a batch and don’t forget the hot sauce sourced straight from Los Poblanos themselves for $10. Add on to that a whole collection of kitchen gifts and books plus small decorative items, and you’ve got yourself a really great one-stop shop for everything necessary to please the foodie in your life who’s looking for a bit of local love to soothe their soul.

Beef Jerky (Carne Seca)

Carne seca is the beef jerky you naturally gravitate toward as you get older. With more robust flavor hidden in the subtle facade of those thin beef strips, you get more upfront flavor than you bargained for. The trick to doing this right is well known to Old Santa Fe Trail, which has been making carne seca to supply the Southwest for over three decades. Even more impressive, they’re selling through their supplies quickly enough to justify creating three tons of jerky per week at their facility here in Albuquerque. Where can you find their product? You’d be hard pressed to not run into their beef jerky somewhere, with its placement in gas stations, Walmarts and specialty shops that carry New Mexico-made products. Need something more definitive? Get over to, where you can pick up an 8 oz. bag for $16. Prove you’re the most knowledgeable foodie in the Southwest to your food loving friends both in and out of state and get them the jerky they never knew they needed.
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