(May 21-June 20) Enterprising, Clever, Spontaneous

Amy Dalness
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Holiday treats are the quintessential, never-fail gift. For the explorative Gemini on your list, an assortment of moist, bite-sized cupcakes will appeal to his fickle taste buds. Pick a cupcake in every flavor or stuff the box with his favorite, then add a few others for taste-adventuring. An assortment of fresh-baked cookies, fancy chocolates, a variety of teas and cocoas, or a selection of pastries from a French bakery are other delectable gift ideas.

Magazines, $4.99 To $20 Each

Geminis crave knowledge. Each child of the twin sign has two appetites to fulfill: the serious scholar who devours nonfiction books, documentaries and historical films, and the dreamer who gets lost in fantasy, sci-fi and episodic dramas on both the big screen and television. A selection of rare magazines will give Gemini something to satisfy every one of her intellectual personalities.

Bodum Travel French Press, $11.99

Geminis are always on the go. If they aren’t at work, they’re going back and fourth between their hobby of the month, neighborhood watch meetings, family get-togethers, parties with friends and that extra college class just for fun. Any travel gear is a great gift option for the energetic Gemini, but this travel French press is exceptional. Simple and well-designed, all a Gemini has to do is toss in his favorite ground coffee or loose tea, top with hot water and go. Include that bag of freshly roasted coffee or loose leaf white tea for bonus points

Vetiver Handbag, $34.95

While many Geminis aren’t what we’d call fashionistas, there is one thing they all love: accessories. Male or female, a belt, wallet, watch or striking pair of shoes all make a big impression. This handbag serves multiple purposes for our lively sister of Mercury. Not only is it available in several pretty color schemes, it’s durable, has a heavy magnetic clasp, and is made with aromatic and calming vetiver grass.

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