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Get enchanted: local
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They Always Ask Me

Red Or Green, Which Would You Like?

I Don’t Like Chile

–Jenise Borrasso

Alibi Haiku?

Stop it. No more. It’s enough.

It is not good stuff!

–Steve Hamlin

7AM in

Cuba, and it’s 4 degrees.

That’s fucking cold, man.


Saw a bald eagle

in a piñon this mornin’.

Waitin’ for road kill.


Children throw apples.

In arroyos, crawdads hear

thunder in shadows.

Watermelon shadows.

The rain in the foothills smells

of sage and paint.

Yes, actually

I do own the road. Now hang up

the phone and drive.

–Zachary Kluckman

Balloons overhead

Red or green is the question

Ever enchanted



Diamonds Fall

Gems collect in pools

–Kerianne Gardner

Don Schroeder , Don Schroeder

Where are your shorts

I guess winter has begun


Wrinkles appear.

I don sunbonnet.

Too late.

–Laura Weisberg

Cold outside today.

Need bowl of hot posole.

That will warm me up.

–Arvin Bhullar

Enter any place.

Red or Green, what do you want?

That is the question.

–Arvin Bhullar

Dia de los Muertos

A celebration of life

Death masks everywhere.

–D Robb

Michael Thomas brews

you are the wind beneath my


–Mike L

puking at Q Bar

driving, handcuffs, MDC

505 first date

–Mike L

I say mild chili

For it really does matter

Leaving the badder.

–Dennis L. Gray

The Golden Bosque

ignites my love of autumn.

A visual gem.



When the hatch thickens

at dusk on the Jemez, mend

your line, mind the light.

–J K Yenser

Albuquerque Land

of Mountains, blue skies, balloons

Burritos, Bueno !

–Rochelle Ginsberg

Desert Sands blowing

Watermelon peaks glowing

Enchantment daily

–Ray Nance

Milky Way so bright –

It seems like you could catch a

Star just by reaching.

–Richard M. Fye

(Autumn in Albuquerque)

Cafe sign posted:

"Warning! The new crop is HOT."

Green chile is here.

–Kim Adonna

Thousands of wings

glistening in the sun

leaving Socorro

–Margaret King

Tarantulas and

Heroin- what more to want?

Enchantment, ahoy!

–Scarlett Owen

Isotopes Game

Third inning munchies…

“Hot Dogs!”…”Peanuts!”…Dad’s game food.

Waiting for…”Churros!”

–Denise Claeys

Central ave at dark

alive with seedy motels

Albuquerque ride.

–Scott Virtue

Empty eyes, yellow teeth,

their outstretched hands ask for change,

these modern zombies.

–franchesca montoya

Knit one, purl, I knit.

I mosey along the way.

Should I take the bus?

–Memi Perkins

yellow fire yellow

poured generously on trees

the bosque’s honey

–Ian K

Are you guys okay?

red faces and glassy eyes

sick of fever weed

–Chris Chapin

get candy sparkplugs

Z3R0 0N3 five oh five

Dia de ROBOS

–Chris Chapin

Why would a woman

Want a baby in a time

Of endless war crimes?

–Mark Nolan

Break lights and madness

Nothing but road up ahead

But no one sees it

–Rachel K.

My school is dirty

so very dirty it smells

smells like stinky feet

–Casey Sandoval

Cenral Ave is dark.

Dead with boozers and losers.

Albuquerque sucks.

–Mike L. Pike Jr.

cottonwood shade below

cicada concert above

noon at the bosque

–Sherry Brockett

evening’s quick colors

what a magic place I live

blue sky with orange stripes

–Sherry Brockett

balloon fiesta

surprise in the bright blue sky

sun with dark glasses

–Sherry Brockett

Albuquerque is

not going to believe I

wrote it a haiku

–Paul Dickson

Whenever life is

Lacking beauty all I need

Is to look up high

–Ren O

She was writing fast

Bundled up in her blanket

Unbeknownst to all

–Ren O

News raptures again

Like so many zombies sing

Storms Ronchetti brings

–Shelley Barratt

Across the mesa

Escaped gaillardia

Bloom year after year

Written when I heard of the death of Reba Rowland, founder of Rowland Nursery

–David Naquin

laguna mesa

a swirl of dust and feathers

sacred eagle dance

–todd eddy

humpbacked flute player

filling the air with his song

seducing the night

–todd eddy


Greasy spoon so hot

Red and green, tortillas warm

Voyeur’s spot so cool

–Kristen Sandoval

Fine Arts Library

Eagle’s nest of art and sky

Brings visual peace

–Kristen Sandoval

The stench of justice. Detention canter landfill. Ask a Mexican.

–Elizabeth Bryant

Chevy trucks are beast

engines rawr like a lion

rubber burning out

–Alejandro Ogaz

snowmen watch

as I light the farolitos–

holiday carols

–Frank Carey

Jesse Pinkman hot?

The Man’s Hat Shop couldn’t fit

that guy’s huge melon

–Gabe Montoya

Sopapillos sing,

taste like HIspanic bagels,

green chile cream cheese?

–Richard wolfon

Sandia Mountains,

pink glow of the setting sun.

It all makes sense now.

–Ben John

Green Chile Sunsets

You are stuck here now, Love it

Welcome to Burque

–Chris Patchett

colors and sparkles

i just walk around this town

freaking out the squares

–Chris Patchett

Rattlesnake Cupcake.

Chimichanga Mongoloid.

Kachina Machine.

–Kevin WetSpot

Got a big, hard thang?

Bang me while my son watches!

No pic? No response!

(Inspired by actual Casual Encounters posting on Albuquerque Craigslist!)

–Kevin WetSpot

"Sir! May I help you!?"

"Yeah, I’m looking for something

To eat, smoke, or fuck."

–Kevin WetSpot

Kept woman Santa Fe

Albuquerque lower down

Favorite floozy

–Peter B. Ives

Thank you Gordon House

Mayor Marty and Slick Bill

interlock billion$

Panhandlers and dopers

Bumming cigs from working stiffs

Cops bust amateurs

–Mark E. Lujan

Canadian geese,

leaves falling, autumn breezes

on the Rio Grande

Huevos rancheros

Green chile stew, hash browns side

Central Avenue

–Matthew Thompson

Hot and spicy fruits

Hot air ride celebrations

Now I need a coke

–Jamal Molina

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