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The Alibi 'S 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

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Need It: BP “Realization” green tea body bar

Handcrafted right here in Burque, tea is suspended in a cleansing glycerin soap that’s deliciously fragrant with lemongrass, cedarwood and lavender essential oils. $5.

Want It: Chocolate-covered espresso beans

Java Joe’s roasts its beans onsite for the freshest, peppiest little chocolate bites in town. $5.

–Laura Marrich

Casa Talamantes

Need It: Michoacán pine side table

Furniture pieces come in unpainted from the Mexican state of Michoacán; the store then custom finishes them to fit your color whims. $125 (unfinished) to $165 (finished, green with red patina pictured).

Want It: Oaxaca black clay vase

Fill with your heart’s desire; a simple light fixture or dried blooms would fit nicely inside, too. $75.

–Laura Marrich

Sweet & Chic

Need It: TOMS canvas buffalo shoes

Cute and kind. For every comfy pair of shoes you buy, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. Many styles in children’s sizes 6 to 10, $34.

Want It: Kaiya Eve zebra pettiskirt

Rows and rows of bright, flouncy ruffles spell p-r-i-n-c-e-s-s. In children’s sizes 18 months to 6 years, $80 (one color) to $88 (two colors).

–Laura Marrich

Lola Bella Boutique

Need It: GlamRock purse hanger

Affix this petite hanger to your table and never let your purse feel restaurant flooring again. In many styles (bejeweled pictured), $22.

Want It: Rebecca Minkoff “Morning After Mini” bag

A quilted patent leather purse that’s chic enough for a night on the town and roomy enough to stash a fresh T-shirt for later. $575.

–Laura Marrich

Active Imagination

Need It: Munchkin card game

This role-playing game is silly, capricious and easy to learn. There are plenty of expansion packs and sequels, but this is the original. $24.95.

Want It: Runebound board game

In a world of wizards, noble knights, monsters and tyrants, be a hero and save the weak from darkness and despair. $49.95.

–Simon McCormack

Abq Running Shop

Need It: Water bottle pouch

Keep your keys and other valuables in a zippered pouch and stay hydrated with this convenient and durable jogging tagalong. $24.99.

Want It: Sweat-activated jogging shirt from Mizuno

On cold winter mornings, stay warm with a jogging top made of material that heats up when you start perspiring. $64.99.

–Simon McCormack

L.a. Underground

Need It: Bomb It: Street Art is Revolution

Discover why people all over the world risk arrest to express themselves via spray paint. $19.99.

Want It: MF Doom’s
Operation Doomsday

This is the rerelease of eccentric MC MF Doom’s first album. Raw, gutsy and driven by instinct, the record lays the groundwork for the rhyme spitter’s lengthy solo career. $14.99.

–Simon McCormack

Abitha's Herbary

Need It: Llewellyn’s 2009 Green Living Guide

Use simple tips to reduce the wear and tear we put on our planet with this easy to follow guide. $9.99.

Want It: Cucumber and lavender essential soothing oils

Calm your nerves with warm, inviting scents. Both oils can be used in a relaxing massage, although the lavender should be diluted with water first. $6.99 each.

–Simon McCormack

Tokyo Hardcore Pop Culture Shoppe

Need It: Talking Japanese Watch by

A fly digital wristwatch teaches you Japanese while giving you the time. $22.

Want It: Domo

Fuzzy like old carpet and ugly-cute, Domo is the mascot of a television station in Japan. $34.99.

–Marisa Demarco


Need It: Long Hollow Leather guitar strap

By a company that used to make saddles in Franklin, Tenn., these straps are sturdy, supple and butter-smooth. $28 (2-inch-wide suede) to $48 (2 1/2-inch-wide finished).

Want It: Baden acoustic guitar

This auditorium model beauty has solid mahogany back and sides and a solid cedar top. Even light strumming rings clear and lovely. $1,299.

–Marisa Demarco

Old World Imports

Need It: Handmade nazarliks

Traditionally hung near front doors and windows or worn as jewelry, these are said to ward off the evil eye. $1 (small), $6 (medium), $15 (large).

Want It: Doumbek

This hand drum is made of spun aluminum, has a Mylar head and was etched by hand. $30 to $250 (pictured: $175 with carrying case).

–Marisa Demarco

Fixed And Free Bike Shop

Need It: Bellwether leg and arm warmers, Pearl Izumi gloves

Slide these warmers on under your clothes and slip them back off when you get to where you’re going. $25 (arm warmers), $35 (leg warmers), $45 (gloves).

Want It: Aerospoke five-spoke wheel

It’s stronger and stiffer than your average bike wheel, and it comes in every color of the rainbow. $350.

–Marisa Demarco

Hanayagi The Japanese Garden Shop

Need It: Create Your Own Japanese Garden by Motomi Oguchi

If you’re gonna have a Japanese garden, this picture-filled primer is the perfect place to start. It’ll take you step-by-step through design and maintenance and give you ideas of what other tools and accessories you need from Hanayagi. $29.95.

Want It: Bamboo fountain

Easy-to-assemble water features can be rigged to empty into pools, ponds or decorative stone bowls, giving your backyard oasis just the right touch of Tokyo. $48 to $55 (small), $89 to $99 (large).

–Devin D. O’Leary


Need It: Wrought iron blessing box

A handcrafted metal box by Dallas artist Jan Barboglio is an essential holiday gift for homeowners. Inside is a decorative card, a guardian angel icon and a nail with which to hang it (preferably near a front door for continued protection). $73.

Want It: Carved wooden saint

Arteriors’ "Old World Mexican hacienda eclectic" style is reflected in its range of statuary, which goes from a detailed, life-sized Christ (at $1,500) to simple, unpainted 2- to 3-foot santos. $80 and up.

–Devin D. O’Leary

Hobby Proz

Need It: Blade mCX RTF radio-controlled helicopter

Thanks to its tiny size (one ounce!), swappable parts (see below!) and newbie-friendly control system (based on cutting-edge cell phone technology!), Hobby Proz has had a hard time keeping this crazy-fun indoor helicopter from flying off its shelves. $129.99.

Want It: Glow-in-the-dark upper main blade set

One cool thing about the Blade mCX is it can be customized with loads of cheap parts, including glow-in-the-dark accessories. $3.99 and up.

–Devin D. O’Leary

Koenig’s Metals

Need It: Window art

Hand-cut, custom-designed window dressings serve the same purpose as security bars but with an artful twist. $50 to $1,500 (pictured).

Want It: Antique stereoscope

One piece out of a trove of railroad-era antiques, the stereoscope features original 3D technology. $50.

–Christie Chisholm

Persian Market

Need It: Edna’s Gourmet Coffee, Mediterranean Style

Prepare authentic Middle Eastern coffee as you would espresso. $10.99.

Want It: Khatam backgammon set

Every piece of this lacquered, two-sided backgammon/checker board was handmade in Esfahan, Iran. $499.99.

–Christie Chisholm

Hip Stitch

Need It: Fabric

Any amateur or professional seamster or seamstress would be thrilled with the modern, decadent and “hip” fabrics available at Hip Stitch. $4.99 to $14.90 per yard.

Want It:
Amy Butler’s In Stitches

Features more than 25 original patterns by celebrated designer Amy Butler. $24.95.

–Christie Chisholm

Unisy Hair Care Supply

Need It: Double mirror

Two mirrors–one standard and one magnifying–alternate as bases on a twistable metal stem. $2.99.

Want It: "Glitz" red wig

For the friend who wants to be a redhead … but not really. Unisy carries more than 6,000 wigs, 1,000 of which are on the floor at a time. $19.99.

–Christie Chisholm


Need It: Loungefly skull and crossbones luggage tag

Because everyone must identify their bag sometime—why not do it with an edge? $13.75.

Want It: Fred Xposed bag

For messing with the guy manning the X-ray machine. $12.50.

–Amy Dalness

The Candyman Music & Electronics

Need It: The Rock Guitar Scale Deck

Help the Guitar Hero addict in your life learn how to really play. $9.95.

Want It: Guitar Hero songbook

Then encourage him or her to play Guitar Hero—real-world edition. $29.95.

–Amy Dalness

Beyond Waves Mountain Surf Shop

Need It: Nomis poplin wallet

A durable, machine-washable, stylish pop of color for a skater’s back pocket. $25.

Want It: Upper Playground sticker pack

Random adhesive art for a helmet, skateboard, bathroom door, whatever. $10.

–Amy Dalness

Surrender Dorothy

Need It: Spiewak Uniform Workwear

Warmth and fashion merge in a formfitting, duck down-filled jacket. Who
doesn’t need that? $180.

Want It: Echo Design scarf

To take your gift to the next pinnacle of style, add the hand-spun, metallic scarf every winter-blown fashionista desires. $68.

–Amy Dalness

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