Get Schooled: Study Alibi’s Back-To-School Survival Guide

Study Alibi’s Back-To-School Survival Guide

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Get Schooled
Raye Johnston studies at Flying Star (Eric Williams
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Back-to-school used to be synonymous with items fetishized by longhand writing enthusiasts. The definitive snap of a three-ring binder reassures them. They derive intense satisfaction from sharpening a no. 2 pencil to a perfect graphite triangle. So much depends upon a yellow highlighter beside a ream of loose leaf paper. Now largely replaced by iPads, laptops and netbooks, these implements of yore still serve as a signifier of a season of learning.

Whether you’re heading back to school or not, crisp autumnal days are the perfect time to embrace your curiosity about what surrounds you—be it local fauna, the asphalt jungle, the ’hoods of Burque, existential strategy or the perfect spots to curl up with a good book.
Get Schooled

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