Gift Guide 2014

Oh God, It’s Happening Again

Ty Bannerman
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Gift Guide 2014
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Beware, fellow Burqueños, for the Season is upon us. Yes, it seems like we all just got over our Halloween hangovers, but it’s already time to start planning our Thanksgiving and Christmas hangovers. And also celebrate family togetherness and goodwill toward humanity and overeating and dredging up the old feuds we only just buried last year and so much crying and yelling and, somehow, hopefully, a bit of comfort and joy and all that jazz.

Somewhere in the swirling maelstrom of this looming madness, you’re going to have to find time to buy a few presents. Because, after all, you do actually love your family and you want to give them nice things that will make them happy and maybe, just maybe, show that you appreciate them and that they are the reason you go through this dreadful nonsense year after year.

Weekly Alibi is here for you. We’ve assembled this Burque-rific Gift Guide because we know that you want to get the shopping out of the way early so you can devote your time to what’s truly important about this time of year: Drinking. I mean, family. Drinking with family.
Gift Guide 2014

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