Best Of Burque 2007

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Contrary to what you might a heard, Albuquerque ain’t the sticks. Yeah, sure, we got our fair share a whiskey-chuggin’, banjo-pickin’ rubes in these parts, but our town is mostly a sophisticated sort a place, filled with a sophisticated sort a folk.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a gander at our 13
th Annual Best of Burque readers poll. Y’all think the weekly freebie rag in some one-horse town in Nebraska would have a category like “Best Sexy Shop”? Or “Best Performance Troupe”? Or “Best Boutique”?

We seriously doubt it.

Then again,, this ain’t New York City, and we don’t mind celebrating Albuquerque’s many down-home charms. We’ve got the best of high and low culture here in the Duke City, and we might as well celebrate both of them. So fill up that jug with your finest corn liquor, tune your banjo as best you can, fill up your pockets with $10 cigars, rent a 50-foot limo and roll over to the barn dance. Everyone’s invited. This year, in addition to a revamped readers poll that includes a special photo section, we’ve got hot picks from big shots in the community, more hot picks from members of our staff and our first-ever Best of Burque (BoB) “Golden Monkey” Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Putting together this issue, our biggest of the year, is a huge project involving a ton of heavy labor from our staff. Thanks to Tina Larkin, Rex Barron, Tom Nayder, Christie Chisholm, Laura Marrich, Amy Dalness, Marisa Demarco, Jessica Cassyle Carr, Hillari Straba and Steven Robert Allen for persevering through these tough times. The Depression will soon be over and, rest assured, there’s a place for y’all in Heaven.
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