Hillary Rodham Clinton For President

August March
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Hillary Rodham Clinton for President
Hillary Clinton and 103 year-old supporter Ruline Steininger (Hillary Clinton for President)
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I get it, you’re scared. As the 21st century unfolds around us, the complexity, the prominence of wide-ranging change among factors driving our culture’s journey into the future has been overwhelming to many. Sometimes, I’m frightened too; I certainly don’t think that what you’re feeling lacks profundity or gravitas because I feel the same weight upon my shoulders that you do, as we all do, driving to work, sitting at my desk and writing this endorsement column.

And I can relate to the feeling that we’re facing a period of uncertainty and consequently, momentous decisions that will shape our world, will form the basis for our children’s world and everything that comes after. Unlike previous election cycles, we are all being asked to stare brightly and knowingly into the void, to face our fears and surmount them with dignity, diligence and a brave refusal to be defeated by the remnants of forces we were sure had been dispelled by the election of Barack Obama in 2008.

That’s why
Weekly Alibi is urging readers, casual and committed, to vote on or before Nov. 8. And we are saying that it’s time to give the Republican Party—as well as a bevy of ill-prepared, ludicrously unpresidential third party candidates—a grand, old, well-deserved send off by voting for Democrats, by putting aside one’s indignation, righteous or otherwise, in favor of reason and hope.

Let’s face the facts. Gary Johnson may be a cool dude, but he represents a political party that believes in deconstructing the basis of American democratic governance, a thing called
Federalism. Under the former New Mexico governor’s aegis, privatization and defunding of government agencies and services would be a priority and capitalism would be king. Though the Libertarians promise liberty above all, they would seek to achieve their goals by further disenfranchising the poor and fragile among us, by retreating from the global stage, by adopting a sink or swim philosophy as the driving force of our culture. Libertarianism is not a progressive philosophy; it relies on beliefs that have long been known to be a danger to democracy.

Further, Jill Stein of the Green Party represents fringe beliefs, irresponsible policy initiatives and radical departures from what Americans need in order to sustain themselves, their families and their trip into the future. Stein has
pandered to the forces of anti-intellectualism, has made statements implying that Barack Obama is a war criminal and believes that Donald Trump is less of a threat to world peace than Hillary Clinton. Her running mate, Ajamu Baraka has a history of engaging anti-Semites, has referred to our sitting president as an “Uncle Tom,” and proudly sports a t-shirt featuring Che Guevara—a murderously ambitious patsy and ruthless killer for the Castro regime—as he stumps for human rights and dignity.

Don’t even get me started on
Donald Trump. This candidate’s blatant misogyny, racism, bullying tactics, inability to maintain a serious political discourse and flirtations with fascism should have had him disqualified from seeking the highest office in the land from the get-go. Yet, buoyed by the same poisonous beliefs that sustain his motley crew of followers—mixed with healthy doses of ignorance and a bizarre set of Luddite-like leanings that declare sexual assault and the embrace of Vladimir Putin to be de rigueur amongst white American men—Trump has thrived in our age of anger and uncertainty. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, we have a chance to send Trump and his monstrous beliefs, proclamations and proclivities packing. Let’s use that opportunity to return Trump to his real penthouse: a dank, hopeless, provocative and largely unsustainable version of America that only exists in the minds of those uncomfortable with values like equality, patriotism, prudence and reason.

The above may be accomplished by voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton has prepared her entire life to be our leader. She is experienced, knowledgeable and tenacious.
Her history of service to this nation, in times of war and peace, is well documented and formidable. Unlike her opponents, she does not spend her time disparaging this nation, its leaders and its citizens. She is focused on generating and enacting policies designed to help grow our nation.

Clinton has been barraged by propagandists on the far left and the entirety of the right for being “crooked” or “weak.” She has been accused by apparatchiks on the right of being flawed, a character trait that all humans share. A close examination of these appellations and attempts at defamation reveal how deeply the stream of sexism still flows through our nation. In these cruel depictions and defamations, Clinton has been objectified. She has been reduced by her detractors into a representation of the ultimate symbol of one who is unfit to be president: a strong woman.

And amidst all the threats of character assassination, “
Second amendment remedies” and mean-spirited male chauvinism, she has held her head up, has maintained her dignity, optimism and attention to solutions for our nation—even as the rabble and mob have attempted to viciously encroach on the vision of America that we share and hope to sustain.

So put aside your fear, lift yourself and this nation up. Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. Vote Democratic; ignore the delirious fantasies engendered by half-formed third-party candidates. Vote out
the Republicans who either support Trump or are too spineless to repudiate his dangerous nonsense. By doing so, dear reader, you will not only go down in history as having helped elect our first female president, but you will also create a future that is inclusive, productive and sustainable.
Hillary Rodham Clinton for President

HRC for President

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