Holiday Gift Guide: 60 Of The Best Local Gift-Makers You've Never Heard Of ... And Counting

The Best Local Gift-Makers You've Never Heard Of

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Holiday Gift Guide
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The secret is out.

Albuquerque is home to an underground of league of geniuses, and they’re poised to take over the world. They’re armed with sophisticated super powers, able to create spectacular, never-before-imagined items from almost nothing. No one can stop them. And based on our intelligence, only a few citizens of Burque have even heard of them. But we can’t keep mum any longer. These local gift-makers are awesome!

It’s almost as though Santa embedded an especially resourceful brigade of elves in the Albuquerque area; here they are, toiling in obscurity, so very far away from the North Pole. The weird thing is, everyone outside of New Mexico already seems to know it.

More than a few of these businesses have been nationally featured on television or in glossy magazines. These guys are known all over the country—except here, in their own backyards.

Until now. We rooted around and unearthed several hefty handfuls of ’em. Since these businesses are primarily on the manufacturing side, they don’t usually have their own brick-and-mortar storefronts. So we included websites that direct you to the best places to find them (since local products are stocked by local stores), along with more purchasing and product information.

There are plenty of other homegrown businesses we didn’t hear about. We’d love to help spread the word about your top-secret enterprises, too. You can do that by commenting on this feature. Any time of year, drop by and add a photo of your gear, a link to your site and a description of the items you make. There’s no catch. It’s free. And it’s unrelated to advertising, as are all of our gift guides and editorial coverage (duh). We just love you, secret elf people.
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