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Porcelain Skull Cup, $50 Raku Bowls, $56-$35

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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When your body, home or office needs adornment, Mariposa is the place to go. Under new ownership, the store sells jewelry and fine arts and crafts in a varying price range, all made by local artists. So, because pretty much all of my dishes are ugly, what I really want in the New Year is art in my cupboard. Both of these ceramic items are functional, so they can be both decorative and used to serve food and drink.

Vintage Kimono, $35

After an hour here, anyone with affection for the superior quality and styles of yore can find at least 10 things they want and formulate plenty of gift ideas, whether it's for your wife or just someone else you're obligated to get a present for. I want this blue Japanese kimono that I found on the first floor with all of the vintage clothes because nothing says “Up yours, Christmas decor” like a nice Asian floral pattern.

Framed Lobby Card, $40

Sometimes there's that special something that you must have on your wall to complete your own existence. For me, it's a sea monster attacking a submarine. Thank Louie for owning this amazing store right across the street from UNM, where you can pick from an amazing assortment of relics of American pop culture and get them custom-framed.

The Vince, $180

When the tannenbaum has dried up and become a fire hazard, nothing will release the pent-up holiday anxiety like spa treatment. And since the holidays mainly aggravate me, I'll need The Vince to calm down. After two and a half hours of massage, aromatherapy, stones and other hot things, I should be relatively relaxed until this time next year.

Prince Record, $10

Finally, to get ready for the ultimately disappointing New Years' party, Prince is the way to go. I don't have any of his records yet, and my CDs have disappeared, so I've been in pain lately. Pain! I love Prince more than I love a good yule log, so someone please give me Prince for the holidays.

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