Last Minute Gift Guide 2018: Northeast Heights

Now We're Cooking

Joshua Lee
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Northeast Heights
Now We’re Cooking
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Is someone on your list a culinary aficionado or aficionado-in-training? Do they dream of sugar plums and mincemeat? Do they actually know what either of those things are (because we’re not too sure)? Chances are you’ve got a secret kitchen gadget hoarder on your hands, too, which should make you’re job easy as pie. Just take a lap around Now We’re Cooking, and you’re bound to come up with the perfect last minute addition to their collection. This locally-owned, full service kitchen store carries cookware, bakeware, small electrics, linens, gourmet foods, knives, gifts and—of course—a crazy range of kitchen gadgets.

No matter what level of friendship is being serviced here, Now We’re Cooking has you covered. Maybe you’ve got a neighbor who’s always making delicious-smelling dinners, and you’re looking for a way to sidle in and procure an invitation—a new set of measuring cups won’t hurt. Or let’s say for office Secret Santa, you drew the name of that new guy in accounting that you’ve maybe seen a handful of times. The only thing you really know about him is that he brought gluten-free cookies to that one meeting a few months ago. Easy! Buy him a cute potholder with an animal’s face, or some kind of silicone whatchadooddle for baking whozits, or whatever.

If it’s for someone a little closer—say, a sibling who keeps making eggs on an ancient flat griddle that’s become pitted and dinged over the years, with chunks of what might have been cheese at some point permanently glued to the surface—Now We’re Cooking will let you give them a brand new, from-scratch kitchen stocked with all the things they need. Every meal will remind them of you, and you can stop fishing loose Teflon out of your omelets whenever you visit.

Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium

Finding something for the pagan who has everything isn’t as easy as you’d think. No amount of nose-wiggling will magick up the perfect holiday gift for your witchy friend, and you might even end up with a cramp. Luckily for you, the Northeast Heights has its very own one-stop New Age shop: the Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium.

At Blue Eagle, you’ll find supplies, gifts and services that appeal to all traditions and faiths, catering to the pagan and occult community. The scholarly worker could lose themselves in the shop’s well-stocked book selection or benefit from a new book of shadows waiting to be filled with their own personal formulae. For the practical practitioner, there’s candles, gems and incense. You’d be surprised at how many smudge sticks a single person can use in a month of Sundays, and they always make for a good staple gift. Those looking to freshen up their altar will be delighted with a new idol of their favored personal deity. For anyone interested in the wide variety of divination systems out there, a new oracle or Tarot deck might just do the trick.

But if you’re just looking for pagan swag to bring some novelty into your pal’s life, Blue Eagle’s got you covered there, too. It has a wide variety of jewelry and pendants at prices for every budget, and a regularly updated collection of décor and knick knacks. Just wait until they open up that killer Ganesha tapestry. You’re going to hear some serious squeals of joy.

Maybe that spiritual someone in your life is beyond needing such paltry material objects. No worries. Every day, Blue Eagle hosts clairvoyants and healers (available by appointment) who can help guide your friend along the bumpy road of life. Sometimes people just need the gift of direction.
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